New site, test system and HTML5....!

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New site, test system and HTML5....!

It’s been an interesting time at The SIP School over the past 12 months as we’ve been working on a number of major updates, some are now live and being used by students with more on the way. 

Getting a new website up and running is always a challenge but trying to get the site to both look good and work well on multiple platforms (including various Tablet devices) has proven to be frustrating when things don’t work well - yet exciting when it all comes together, who doesn’t like seeing their website look great on an iPad? 

Our online testing system has also had a major overhaul with support for tablet devices and more functionality to make the testing experience a better one.   

New Content is on the way and is where most of our time has been spent. 

The SSCA® SIP program has been updated a lot with more on SIP working with Video, more on QoS and a brand new module that covers SIP in a Cloud/Hosted setup, LTE, the IMS and VoLTE.  We think it’s important to understand how SIP works in the IMS with regards to enabling QoS for Voice and Video calls across an LTE network and hope people will really enjoy this new module.  Updates go Live on February 25th 2015


The Networking for VVoIP program has been updated and will be online April 2015 at the latest, probably sooner.

With regards to tablet devices such as the iPad that do not support Flash, this has been a problem for most eLearning providers as Flash has been used for years.  To combat this, we’ve produced versions of all courses in HTML5 format that will allow students to run the content on their tablets.  At the moment, only the Sales and program is available in HTML5 format and it is in BETA.  We look forward to moving out of BETA by May.  The SSCA SIP program will be in BETA on the  February 25th.  Other programs will follow, again, most likely in May. 

NOW, other news…. 

I’ll be at Enterprise Connect this March from the 16th to the 18th – looking to meet people to talk about SIP and also presenting on Day 1.  The presentation is called ‘Become a SIP Savvy Enterprise’ and details of the presentation are at this link, hope to see you there.

Thanks for reading :)


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