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Hate Calling Companies? 10 Digit Communications Has the Answer

And that answer ironically is, not to answer - by voice anyway... If you have kids, are a kid or know kids (I...

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ZaiLab Powers the Contact Center via AI, ML and AWS

The breathtaking pace of technological innovation has meant that companies have been able to punch beyond their weight class. In other words,...

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Pareteum Lets Carriers and Companies Quickly Integrate Global Mobile Services

Abstraction in tech adds value. Look no further than portable document format or PDF for an abstraction format for documents that revolutionized...

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What's the Story Behind the Sangoma Digium Deal?

  I’ve been asked 2 main questions since it was announced that Sangoma was buying Digium.  First is “what’s the real story?”  ...

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Increasing Productivity is a key aspect of small business voice telephony solution

  There are lots and lots of features with voice telephony solutions.  It’s important not to get carried away with all of...

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The Status of WebRTC

It’s been quite a while since I wrote about the status of WebRTC.   And quite a bit has happened in that time.  ...

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Is It Possible to Outgrow an Open-source PBX?

Due to cost, many small businesses have started with an Open-source PBX such as Asterisk and FreePBX.  But once you have that...

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Networking 4 VVoIP released into the wild!

November 15, 2012

It’s taken us a while but at last the update to our Networking for VoIP program is here! 

It’s had quite a makeover and is now called Networking 4 VVoIP where VVoIP stands for Voice and Video. 

USTelecom and The SIP School

July 2, 2012

Here at The SIP School we're proud of all of our associations and partnerships which have helped us to established our training and SSCA® SIP certification as the industry standard.

Well, we now have another one and it's massive..!

USTelecom, "the nation’s premier trade association representing service providers and suppliers for the telecom industry" has now partnered with us to provide access to our SIP programs via their own website at

Here's a copy of the press release that is going out this week.... 


Announcing USTelecom Online SIP Training and Certification

In cooperation with The SIP School™, USTelecom is pleased to offer online training in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), the foundation of voice communications all over the world. SIP is the underlying protocol of VoIP, voice over LTE and is the fundamental building block of the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture.  

USTelecom members receive 10% off retail course/exam prices.

SIP Sales training for 2012

June 29, 2012

SIP Communications for Sales and Marketing professionals has now been updated and the new elements of the training are now live.

New stuff includes:

  1. Lots of general updates re: Competitors and Pricing comparisons inc. US/Canada/UK and Global locations
  2. More on Hosted PBX especially how to compare Hosted PBX to SIP trunking offerings
  3. What Hosted PBX can and should offer
  4. How to describe benefits of Hosted PBX to clients
  5. Hosted PBX analysis spreadsheet for you to download
  6. Plus a 'Mini-module' that describes MPLS

There is a lot of valuable information in this program that will help Sales and Marketing people see what's happening in the market in order to build their own offerings, target their clients and make sales.

SIP survey results are in..!!!

May 21, 2012

At last.... the results of the SIP survey 2012 are in and now published online - you can find the document by visiting

With a rise from 400 to 500 on last years respondents and a few new questions  we aimed to take a look at SIP Trunking and specifically, to find what the most common issues during SIP Trunk deployment are and what can be done to make these issues occur less frequently, if at all.

There are some great  numbers to check out such as:
  • 55.5% or respondent companies are using SIP trunks now!
  • 70% have a VoIP PBX as their main PBX
  • Avaya leads the manufacturer list
  • Acme Packet is top of the SBC list
  • Most problems reported last year are still occurring
  • Yet support seems to be getting better from most companies
  • Also, Fax seems to be requested more than HD voice
There is a lot of interesting stuff in this document along with comments from experts in the SIP trunking 'space'.

Thanks to all for participating and of course, we'll be running this again next year.


March madness!

April 10, 2012

Phew! what a month March was – I was running around all over the place and The SIP School team rarely saw me.

First up, UCexpo in London at Olympia on the 6th.

This was a great show and apart from the fact that a cancelled train service almost made me miss my own session it was a well spent day.

My main observation from the show was that there was a big presence from Microsoft and a lot of other manufacturing/service companies wanting to show that they are working hard to enhance a ‘Lync based’ UC solution with their own offerings.  Cisco had a very small presence though it’s big rival Avaya did have a reasonably sized booth though right up the corner? 

Unified confusion - I think not!

February 20, 2012

Last year I kicked off something called ‘The SIP trunk challenge’.  The idea was to try to find a good clear description of what SIP trunking is and the challenge worked well with over 353 votes and a worthy winner – blog here.

So I got brave…  I tried again with the ‘Unified Communications challenge’ with the remit of:

“Define Unified Communications in a simple phrase that when used to explain UC to a new client, they ‘get it’ right away and then want to get their cash out.

The SIP School and OnSIP

January 10, 2012

SIP education is what we do and we like to think that we help people become confident in this ever changing protocol.  To help them learn about SIP we advise students to get themselves SIP addresses to run the labs and to help them, we point them to a myriad of free services such as SIP2SIP, Iptel, and many many more - in fact, the more the better as it gives people choice and also alternatives if one doesn't work too well in their part of the world.

Today we added another option by working with our friends at OnSIP.

When a new student joins us, they are automatically provisioned an OnSIP SIP account for the domain i.e. ...  This adds a fantastic dimension to our training service and helps our students even more.

So a BIG thanks to OnSIP and for the full press release, please read on...


January 10th 2012

The SIP Trunk Challenge - Winner!

November 14, 2011

So it all started off with the question ‘What is a SIP trunk?’

I went to the ‘Channel Partners’ conference in Chicago back in September and this question was being asked so many times it got me thinking that there is no single and clear explanation that people can use over and over again and be sure that the client understands what SIP trunks are.  Of course, a lot of clever people out there have no problems explaining what a SIP trunk is and their clients are making SIP calls all day long and reaping the benefits of this ever evolving technology but after hearing this question repeated over and over again – not just at Channel Partners but other events such as ITEXPO and Enterprise Connect I thought that people in the Telco business could help me out in my quest.

So, I placed the question on a number of groups on Linked in and received around 90 responses.

SIP and FoIP

August 1, 2011

So after a few months of hectic writing The SIP school is pleased to roll out its latest updates to the SSCA® SIP training program.  There are the usual changes due to the ever evolving nature of SIP but most notably this time around is a brand new module on SIP and Fax over IP and quite a revamp of SIP trunking, which of course is the one thing everyone talks about in the industry. 

Full update details can be found at this link 

SIP Communication training for Sales and Marketing

May 6, 2011

We've finally managed to complete the latest round of updates to our Sales and Marketing program and had to change it's name to reflect the changes.

SIP Communication services for Sales and Marketing professionals with the SSMP™ Certification test is now live and ready for people to access. 

Here's the overview and we hope you like the addition of UC and Hosted PBX to complement the SIP Trunking elements.


To effectively participate in the Unified Communications, Hosted PBX and SIP trunking boom, sales and marketing professionals need to understand the opportunities and techniques required to succeed. The SIP School™ is „the‟ place to learn all about SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and prepare you for the marketplace.  There is so much information about SIP on the Internet that is both hard to read and poorly presented that it is difficult for people to learn about this most importantprotocol.  

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