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Why the SSCA® ~ update..!

Back on the 5th of November 2008 I posted an article laying out the reasons why the SSCA™ SIP Certification is the most important certification on SIP in the world of Telecoms and I thought it would be good to...

Next up, UCEXPO in London

It's been a busy couple of weeks with me jetting of to ITEXPO East to work alongside the good people of Ingate, both moderating and presenting - as well as meeting as many people as possible to talk about our...

The SIP School's new SIP Training site - goes Live!

At last I can get back to the blog.  We've spent the last month or so working really hard on getting The SIP School's web site redesigned and out there.  Thanks to Jquery and Themeroller it's out there quicker than...

Understanding SIP at UC Expo 09

An interesting day at the Unified Communications Expo in London, Olympia on 12th March (I kept away from day 1 on the 11th).  I spent most of it wandering around looking at other seminars and also talking to people...
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