Funambol Refines Personal Cloud User Experience

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Hal Steger
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Funambol Refines Personal Cloud User Experience

Funambol is excited to announce an important update of its market-leading OneMediaHub white-label personal cloud. OneMediaHub v17.6 refines the personal cloud user experience with these features:

  • Auto-generated search suggestions (mobile & web) makes finding things easier

OneMediaHub v17.6 auto-generated search

  • Redesigned photo & video album covers with new actions (mobile & web)

 OneMediaHub v17.6 redesigned photo & video album covers

  • Enhanced timeline navigation

 OneMediaHub v17.6 enhanced timeline navigation

  • Improved previews of documents & media

 OneMediaHub v17.6 improved document previews

 OneMediaHub v17.6 improved media previews

  • New cloud favorites: mark any photo, video, document or music track as a favorite; view favorite items via search suggestions
  • Family tabs: the family space has new tabs for gallery and docs to make it easier to find things
  • Numerous other improvements e.g. iOS 10 & Android N support & performance improvements

Try these by downloading the free onemediahub demo app from the app store. The new Android app is available now and the iOS app will be ready soon (users that allow updates will be automatically notified about these).