ITEXPO, Positive Energy & Border Collie Named Rosie

I just got back from California and am again writing from the comfort of my own home. But I must say I had a fabulous time this week at ITEXPO, and I hope all of you who were there had a great experience too.


It was fun to see many of the folks with whom I've had existing relationships, and a pleasure to meet many new sources. And it's always nice to meet sources face to face to learn about exciting new products and services, and to get an extra dose of positive energy.


ITEXPO, and all the collocated events with it, provided a significant breadth of interests and topics. But the key themes that I saw based on my interviews and the sessions I covered were cloud computing, LTE, multi-channel customer care, multimedia phones, policy-based networking, social networking for business, unified communications and collaboration, video solutions, wireless backhaul. Another consistent theme was just the proliferation of connected devices (which often ties into the category of M2M) and what they mean for networks and our culture.


One of the events at ITEXPO that really energized me, and seemed to do the same for the audience, was the standing room-only StartUp Camp 2, in which five startups presented their business plans to a group of panelists and the audience.


The exhibit floor also had a lot of good energy, and got off to a great start Tuesday night as a flurry of attendees filled the aisles and booths.


While I certainly enjoyed ITEXPO, and all of the folks I met with there said they did too, there was one individual who didn't have such a great time this week - my dog, Rosie. That's because my sweet little border collie has become accustomed to having me at home.


But this week she had to spend some time in her crate. She willingly goes into the crate and doesn't seem to mind it much, but after the fifth day she'd apparently had enough. Rosie tried to escape.


She did pretty well too, having managed to pry several of the metal bars of the crate open. Rosie is ok, but it got me thinking that perhaps Rosie and other pups like her might benefit from an application that would allow pet owners to remotely monitor and let out their pets.


I just thought I'd throw that out there for our readers who are developers. If you like the idea, you have my permission to take it. Just remember to send me and Rosie the solution when it's ready for beta.


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