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This week was a busy but exciting one. I went to a media and analyst day at ADTRAN headquarters in Huntsville, Ala., which I discovered this week is considered one of the 10 smartest cities in the world.


It’s always enjoyable to get together with the folks at ADTRAN, as well as my peers in the industry, to learn about what’s happening in the industry, what’s expected in the future, and just to touch base on a personal level.


ADTRAN had a bunch of news, about which I expect to write next week. It also took the opportunity to share its success story and invited several customers, who seemed eager to share their stories about how, as one customer put it, “rock solid” ADTRAN is as a partner.


We also ate a lot of good food and listened to a charming gentleman named Dr. O’Neal Smitherman from HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, a Huntsville-based non-profit and business incubator (which, by the way, also is an ADTRAN customer) talk about the advancements being made in human genome sequencing. He talked in part about how dropping costs for such sequencing is driving vastly larger data storage and networking needs.

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