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Myths and legends - cloud myths #1
The evolutional path of media processing systems
What do you need to run a cloud-based telephony application?
The twelve Aculab products of Christmas
Media processing resources - boxed!
Chapter 2: Introduction to Cloud Telephony - What is a Cloud Telephony PaaS?
Why an IP-centric telephony board is the best choice when building highly scalable or resilient solutions
Dealing with RTP loss
New high density Prosody X PCIe media processing board hits the sweet spot for developers
Who owns the cloud?
SIP call recovery in gateways
Why shouldn't you move to the cloud?
Microsoft and Skype
HD Voice - it's all about connecting up the disparate islands
Why gateways are 'how to' answer to life, the universe ...and Your problems
The impact of cloud computing on the service provider market
Convergence of the old and the new
"Hey, you, get on to my cloud."
The Aculab Cloud
Meet the Aculab team for ITExpo East 2011
Aculab moves to the cloud at ITExpo
Communications technology predictions for 2011
Cloud is the new hosted in the adverse diverse universe
We're doomed!
Voices in the clouds
The science of military communications
Military manoeuvres
Fax server developers looking for the most cost effective development platform should see what Aculab has to offer
Developing video communications applications that will sell
Five types of developer - which group are you in?
Aculab's Prosody S with AMS Server - a more palatable sandwich for today's developer community!
Don't turn a deaf ear to Orange!
"How long is a piece of string?"
A crowd of daffodils and hosted clouds
Fax communications - the poor relation to voice and video
Heading in both directions at once
What programming language do you prefer for writing telephony-based applications?
There's more than one way to skin a cat
An IP network is what you need for your video calls
Are there still barriers to VoIP acceptance?
FaceTime video chat on an iPhone 4 would be great...if I knew anyone else who had one also!!
One way video is all you really need
Failover or failsafe?
Designing resilience into next-generation public safety communications
Achieving 'five-9s' reliability in IP-based communications networks
Telecoms standards: are they slipping?
Interacting with the electorate using technology
Serving the needs of critical communications systems
Power to the People
Extending Innovation: Aculab's Prosody X powers Comsys' new 'MVNO-in-a-Box' solution
Which wideband codec to choose?
HD Voice - how much bandwidth do you need?
How Mark Spencer and Asterisk succeeded where Intel failed


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