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When one year ago I looked at the long term VoIP and UC security trends I discovered that most of the VoIP security research and attention was devoted to the signaling protocols and their vulnerabilities. SIP, Skinny, UNIStim and H.323 are being fuzzed, reverse engineered, spoofed and dissected in hundreds of ways. In the process we discovered a lot of vulnerabilities, fixed most of them and made these protocols more secure. And that's a good thing. Continue Reading...
I've been involved in VoIP and UC security for a number of years now and lately, people have been asking me one simple question; "Why are VoIP and UC security not perceived as important as data network security?" 

Good question!

Unfortunately there is no simple answer. First, given their emerging nature, there is a lack of knowledge and understanding of VoIP and UC technologies. It is true that VoIP or UC are new technologies that combine the old communication mediums such as voice and video with the newer networking technologies such as IP and 3G networks. For many years these two different worlds co-existed, rarely crossing well defined demarcation lines. Continue Reading...

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