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HP and the Emerging Digital Content 'Ecosystem'
HP at the "Crossroads" Between Telecom and Entertainment
Signing Off From TMCnet
China's 'Pitchfork Rebellion'
Pakistan to Get 'World's Largest' WiMAX Network
Army Going Over to EoIP
NICE Uses Acquisitions to Expand in Contact Center Market
Vonage: 'One-Trick Pony' Going for IPO
Contactual's Big Upgrade to OnDemand Contact Center: The Inside Story
Bipartisan Net Neutrality Legislation Introduced
Get Globalcomm News on TMCnet
Did NSA Reject Legal Surveillance Technology?
Innovation Award Deadline Nears
Customer Satisfaction Index Measures Quality of Economic Output
P2P File-Sharing Addresses Internet Video Concerns
Customer Satisfaction Registers Big Jump
Desktop War Ratchets Up
Bureau Veritas to Get Global Virtual Network From Vanco
The New 'Toilet Book': Your Mobile Phone
Will Skype Disrupt the Business Voice Market?
Sen. Stevens Introduces Communications Act
Pros and Cons of Growing Through Mergers
Build a Skype IVR With
Reducing Complexity Is Key for Successful Mergers
Cloudmark Fights VoIP-Enabled Phishing
Office Interactive Announces Online Collaboration Suite
Handling Abusive Callers in the Call Center
Open Source Automobiles?
Online Fraud Same as in the Real World
Solid Open Source MySQL Strategy Takes on Oracle
Is It Really Click-to-Call?
Sereniti: Home Networking a Revenue Opportunity for Service Providers
New Privacy Bill Would Protect Consumer Phone Records
Lessig: Tiered Internet Bad for Innovation
Distributed Computing Solves Video Streaming Problem
Chunghwa Blaming VoIP for Drop in Long Distance?
Telco-Cable Advertising Spat
Opticomm Enables Train Station Digital Signage
WiFi Security Too Hard for Users
Jenzabar Higher-Ed CRM Gets Enhancements
RTX PORTALphone's Web-Based Interface
Preventing Credit Fraud
P2P Enables Large-File Media Distribution
Metro WiFi to Cover 126k Square Miles by 2010
Merrill Lynch's $5M Call Center Fine
Google, the World's Hard Drive
Will Nanotechnology Fix My Brain?
Wall Street Talks to the Senate About Telecom
Cubicles: Not as Bad as Nuclear Weapons
How Do I Get My Google Click-Fraud Money?
Official Unveiling of Origami UMPCs
Windows Vista to Shift From Folder Metaphor
Microsoft Paperback PC to Come With VoIP
Poor Design Causes Product Returns
Google's GDrive Accidentally Outed
Survey Reports Results of Texas TV Competition
Origami Outed: Pocket-Sized PC From Microsoft
Stevens to Deliver Monet OnDemand Workforce Management
Smartphones Growing Out of 'Niche' Status
New From Apple: Hi-Fi and Mac Mini With Intel
Talisma Releases v7.0 of Customer Interaction Management Suite
Scariest Nigeria-Type Spam So Far
DigiLinea Announces Unlimited VoIP Calling to Central America
TalkDaddy VoIP Service Launches
One Stop Intros Dual Xeon Host Board
Lucent's Giere Comments on IMS and Cultural Change
Surveillance Technology for Scanning Voice and Text
Skype Surveillance: Possible or No?
TxtBIG Video Messaging Service Debuts
Skype Expands Mobile Capabilities
Google Desktop 3 Adds Power, Privacy Concerns
Arris and NTL Trial 100 Mb/s Broadband
Orative Upgrades Presence Capabilities
iotum DEMOs Presence Management
E Solutions Tampa Data Center Doubles Capacity
New Report on Creativity Support Tools
Benioff Trash-Talks in Language of Innovation
IT for Outsourcing: Understanding Sourcing Break-Points
Western Union: A Non-Elegy for the Telegram
New Picocell Will Deliver 3G Via Satellite
American Fiber Systems Gets Funding for Expansion
Google and VoIP Inc. Testing Click-to-Call
Will the Camera Phone Become a Metadata Scanner?
Orative's Presence-Availability Control for Mobile Communications
ComPiere Intros Dashboard for Open Source ERP and CRM
Presence-Aware BPM
What Google Will Do for TV Advertising
Windows Live vs. Google Pack
Tom Ridge on VoIP Makes the News
Search Engine Marketing to Hit $11B in 2010
BeamOne and Tom Cruise: Holographic User Interfaces
Search Advertising Gets Better Analytics
Microsoft Sets Up Internet Lab to Jump-Start Innovation
Could VoIP Hide DoS Attacks?
Your TV Could Get a Lot Smarter
UK ISP Telecomplete Buys MyWebCalls
AT&T's Shepcaro: Standalone Voice "Unacceptable"
COMTek: 'No Basis' for Ham Radio Concerns in Manassas BPL Project
Tello's Multi-Modal Interface
Yahoo: Search Is Critical for VoIP Marketing
Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) Elevators on the Way
BT Employs Vehicle-Wrap Marketing for Openreach
MemoryMiner Allows Multimedia Online Sharing
Using 'Vehicle Wraps' to Rebrand AT&T
Getting Phone Service: What Would You Go Through?
About Me
Govt Surveillance: Part of a Taller Wall?
Futurist Predicts 2006 Tech Trends
Does Homeland Security CIO Need More Power?
Technology News Site Launches
Vermont Country Store Picks CommercialWare Cross-Channel Solution
HP and DreamWorks Intro 'Lifelike' Collaboration
An Important Step Toward Quantum Networking
Ronald McDonald Gets Free VoIP
ABI: Broadband Video Exploding
Toshiba Beefs Up Strata CIX IP PBX
New Report to Highlight Broadband Benefits for Elderly and Disabled
Disk Storage Systems: We're #1 -- And So Are We!
Lucent Ad Campaign to Focus on 'True Convergence'
BPL Might Help Utilities Save on Monitoring
VegaStream Builds Sales Organization to Meet Business VoIP Demand
John Deere Headset Won't Be Green
Managing Furious Callers
Michael Bateman Joins Left Bank Solutions Board
John Deere Releases a Noise Canceling Headset
Seagull Software in the News Today
AT&T Releases New Logo
Cisco Acquiring Scientific-Atlanta
Google Base Wants Whatever You've Got
U.N. Internet Grab Overshadows 'Digital Divide' Discussion
Technology Podcast With Alec Saunders of iotum
New Tool Helps Language Development for Autistic Children
Do Telecom Firms Respect Customers?
Is BPL Ready to Roll?
Making Money Podcasting
Alcatel Says New 'BITS' Law Would Be Good for Broadband
Vint Cerf Urges House Committee to Preserve Neutral Internet Architecture
Brooktrout Announces Products Meeting RoHS and WEEE Environmental Directives
UNC and Red Hat Hosting Symposium on IP and Innovation
VoIP Has an Exciting Week in Los Angeles
Bush Nominates Ben Bernanke to Replace Greenspan as Fed Chair
MetLife Contact Center Recognized for Quality of Service
Datatel Partners With SAS on BI -- How About CRM for Higher Ed?
Idaho's Albeni Falls Dam Installing Wireless IP Communications
Oki's Face Recognition Engine for Mobile Phones
VoIP Provider Mediatrix Announces Environmental Compliance Program
ABI: BPL May Go Over Better in Under-Developed Markets
Ham Radio Organization Challenges Manassas BPL Project
Kintera and LexisNexis Products Help Target the 'Bad Guys'
Blackboard-WebCT Merger Highlights Growth of e-Learning Industry
Broadband Proliferates in Hotels
The 'Nudge' Button -- Somebody Please Invent It!
Vonage Data Shed Light on Upcoming IPO
ESO Uranium With Fugro for Megatem on Cluff
Telecom Co. Eureka Steps Up Fraud Protection
Manassas Va. Launches City-Wide Broadband-Over-Powerline (BPL)
VoIP for the Developing World
Emergency Wireless Communications During Disasters
Wiki Company Socialtext Gets $850k From SAP
Solar Co. Secures Site for 1 Megawatt Plant
Dartmouth Installs 7,000-Phone VoIP Implementation
Siebel's Cleveland Says Benioff is 'Running Scared' as Big Companies Enter On-Demand CRM
Eyeball Releases SDK v6 VoIP Development Kit
Vocal Labs Intros Contact Center Customer Survey Service
Patapsco Distributes ISDN and IP Solutions in Asia-Pacific
Xten's Mark Bruk to Speak on VoIP Mobility at Internet Telephony Conference
Technology-Communications Podcast - Katrina Recovery, Consumer VoIP, Texas IPTV Law, ROKR Music Phone
Merrill Lynch Disses Motorola-Apple ROKR Phone
Topex Intros Module-Based UMTS VoIP Gateway
IPcelerate Using TECHtionary VoIP Animations for Communications
Airline IT Trends: Danger of a Tech Divide
Speech Tech Enables Realistic Talking Game Characters
Vonage IPO Makes VoIP the Top Marketplace Story
Avaya Adopts DCC Emergency Notification System
Email Messaging and Security Trends
Childhood Dreams of a Dangerous Heavily Armed Helicopter
Technology-Communications Podcast: Free VoIP Calling and Tools - Texas Telco Law - Jerk-O-Meter
My Busy Computer
Great E911 Tutorial From TECHtionary
TECHtionary Flash Tutorials as a Customer Support Resource
FCC Says Telcos Don't Have to Share DSL
VoIP Developer Show Packed Out in San Francisco
Consumer Research Seems to Bear Out TiVo Ad Strategy
NewHeights Releases Desktop Assistant VoIP Soft-Client
Siebel's Cleveland Reaffirms Commitment to Hosted CRM
Turning Your PocketPC Into a Universal Remote
Nancy Drew Computer Game: Probably Not a First-Person Shooter
Advocating Lunar Development
PPC Click Fraud: 1 in 5 Is Fake, Costing $1.1B Yearly?
BellSouth Declines Comment on Vonage Acquisition
Large-Co. Execs Say KM and BI Are Most Important Strategic Technologies
'Big-Screen' Video on a Cell Phone?
Noble Releases Enhanced Contact Center Management & Reporting
FCC's Martin: Brand X Decision Will Advance Broadband
Technology Podcast: CRM Wars - Cisco's Intelligent Networking - Pod Slurping - 1.3 Million Pennies - Tom Cruise All Wet
Research Proves That People Want Our Product
Sprint and Nextel Reveal New Branding and Logo
Man Cashes in 1.3 Million Pennies at Coinstar Machine for New World Record
Traxi Releases Volcrum Voice for VoIP Call Recording
Centergistic's New AgentView Adds Security to Performance Management
Smart Telecom Deploying Triple Play in Ireland via FTTH
GroveSite Allows 'Wiki-Style' Collaboration
And the PT Cruiser's New Look Is ...
Former FCC Chair Powell to Keynote Internet Telephony Conference Oct. 2005
BT Fusion Fixed-Mobile Initiative Not Without Challenges
Podcasting: Time-Shifted Radio?
Communications and Technology Podcast - Supercomm - VoIP Trends - Aculab's Prosody X - CitiGroup - Apple and Intel
A Pitch for Mobile Device Security
Reseller Networked Information Systems Lauded by Cisco as Top VAR
Tiscali Announces PBX VoIP Connect Termination Service for Call Centers
Mobile Guide Follows You Around at Nobel Peace Centre
Alloptic Xgen7000 Delivers 15 Mbps Enternet Over Existing Copper
If You Had Used Our Product, You Would Be Alive Today
Domestic Violence Hotline Plans Integration of Call Center and GIS
'Enterprise Resilience' Touted at 'The New Map Game' Event
VoX Releases Total VoIP Solution
Wireless Transceiver Chip Designed for In-Body Communications Devices
Brightidea Offers On-Demand Innovation Software
Broadband Over Power Lines Showing Initial Success?
TelTel Adds Music to SIP Internet Telephony
Arroyo to Demo Key Video on Demand Technologies
HTLT Releases 'VoIP-It!' Add-On for Call Analyzer Product
Accurate Always Launches Voxida 3000 Series Call Recording Systems Signs Merrill Lynch as Customer
Toshiba Moves Ahead With IP Telephony Products
Premiere Global Launches New Voice Applications at Speech-World
eStara Hits Push-to-Talk Milestone
Radicati: VoIP Poised to Change Consumer Calling
Sorenson Opening Six Interpreting Centers for Deaf Video Service
3M's FTTP Brochure Makes the News
Loquendo Integrates With Symbian OS
Evaluating Self-Service Providers
SIVOX Launches Internet-Based Training Product for Contact Centers
Siebel Gets Credit for Horizon Healthcare Success
Utility NSTAR Using TeleVox Outbound Messaging for Customer Contact
Podcasting For Fun But Probably Not Profit
FCC to Meet on VoIP and 911, 9:30 AM on May 19
Altitude and KIVA Release Joint CRM Solution for Financial Institutions
Spam Gangs and Virus Hordes
Baby's Death Adds to Pressure on Vonage
Community College in Kansas Using Parature for Tech Support
Nextel Partners to Use PAR3 to Automate Collections
Traxi Brings Integration and Middleware Expertise to IP Telephony Biz
Tehrani Joins VoX Advisory Board
FTC Recommends 'Do Not Call' to Canada
Contact Center ASP InstantService Adds Automatic Queue Distribution
SBC to Use Amdocs Customer Lifecycle Solutions for Project Lightspeed
100,000 Persian Blogs
CARE to Use Donated VoIP Services for Communications
UK Outsourcing Provider Ventura Gets COPC Certification
Speech-World Early Bird Reg Closes Friday 5/6
Microsoft Announces Customer Care Framework
NetIQ's Symphoniq Releases BusinessPulse for Web App Management
Verizon Touts More Deals for FiOS TV
FCC's Martin Announces Staff Selections
BT Selects Suppliers for 21st Century Network Effort
Qwest Expands Tribal Phone Program
New Company Celona Streamlines OSS for BT
Court System Uses Speech Technology to Provide Info for Callers
Verizon Signs Showtime for FiOS Video
Veraz Releases Prepaid VoIP Platform for Service Providers
Qwest Asks FCC to Block SBC-AT&T Merger; CWA Chimes In
Adelphia Agrees to $715M Fraud Settlement
Fluke and Ipswitch Partner on Network Analysis Tools
VisiFone Pilot Will Include Weather Channel Content
Messaging and Spam Predictions
ZTE Asia-Pacific HQ Opens in Singapore
Online Computer Support Product Connects to Remote Helpdesk Network
Time Warner and Comcast Reach Agreements on Adelphia Acquisition
BenchmarkPortal Gets Patent for Contact Center Performance Benchmarking
Kingston Moves Into Convergence Space
AOL Launches Major Anti-Phishing Effort
Cognex's 'Ho-Hum' First Quarter
Siebel Issues More Good News
News: SBC in $59.7M Contract With Red Cross
Siebel's Publicity Blitz
Vonage Reaches 120+ Universities Through Resale Deal
'Nearshoring' to Eastern Europe
Listen to TMCnet's Inaugural Podcast
Intel and TI CEOs: Chips on Their Shoulders, iPods on Their Brains
Verizon Snaps Up 13.7% of MCI Shares
Forecasts on Email and WiFi Communications
Carrier Capex Rising
ABI on Cable Cos.' Triple Play Delivery
Accenture Says eGovernment Is Not Enough
MCI Says No to Qwest
Proliferation of Dashboards
MCI Connects Cray to IPv6 Network
VoIP Restrictions in Moscow?
IP Communications at Vancouver Airport
Flying Rhinoceros Edutainment - Triple-Play Content?
Hosted IVR Makes Health Care Workers Safer?
EEOC Call Center Opposed by Union
Video Relay Services for Deaf-Hearing Communication
Triple Play Plans for Harlem Park
Anonymous Customers
Siebel Serious About CRM On-Demand
Reader Commentary on Texas-Vonage 911 Suit
Speech Technology in Space
The Appeal of Fizzy Stuff
MCI-Qwest Discussions to Continue; Verizon Consents
VoIP for Small Business
'Less Lethal' Stun Pistol Released
Multilanguage Voice Systems (and Good Copywriting)
Level 3 Drops Its FCC Forbearance Petition on VoIP Access Charges
Confidential Information Increasingly Targeted by Internet Crooks
New 'MultiLink' Ad Appears on TMCnet
Buzz on Level 3's FCC Petition: Will VoIP Pay More?
Expert Commentary: Martha Buyer on Martin FCC Appointment
Reports: Kevin Martin Will Be Next FCC Chair
Verizon's Seidenberg: MCI Merger Is Your Friend
Federal Jury Finds Ebbers Guilty
Avaya's IP Office in Bank Branches
Predictive Dialers in Collections Centers
Painless Linksys? Please let it be true!
Vonage VoIP Calls Blocked Again?
NetVoice Helps Law Enforcement Compliance on VoIP Networks
Spirent Intros VoIP Security Testing
Carrius Picks Spirent and Continuous Computing for Gateway Improvements
New ExpressCRM Platform From Voxeo
VoIP Product News: Sonus Tapped by AOL for VoIP
VoIP Product News: Acme Packet Net-SAFE
VoIP Product News: Allegiant and CommPartners
Google Releases Desktop Search 1.0
The Contact Center as Diplomat in the Middle East
Telecoms and VoIP: A Warning Against Naivety
Merrill Lynch Warning on Wireline Stocks
Humanizing Technology: Intel's Plans and the Death of an Innovator
Xerox Develops CRM System That Heads Off Emerging Problems
"Rex the Talking Bottle" Serves Customers at Stone Pharmacy
Study Says CLEC Industry Will Shrink
Cell Broadcast Services in Russia
Blogs and Wikis for Managing Content
Alan Clark Issues Tech Note on Voice Quality Measurement
IP Networks to Ease the Boredom of Standing in Line
Wireless Voice in Health Care
Shrinkage in Call Centers
Creator of the Crash-Test Dummy Never Quit Inventing
Telecom Manufacturer: National Telcos Are Dinosaurs, This Is the 'Year of VoIP'
Get All the Buzz on Next Week's INTERNET TELEPHONY Event
Top Server Vendors for Telco TV
AYC IPcts Telephony System Designed for SMBs
FLEXengine: Cost-Saving Technology Optimizes Broadband Data Transport
A Historical Perspective on Telecom Mergers
Philly CIO Blasts Opponents of Muni WiFi
Verizon to Acquire MCI in $6.7 Billion Deal
FCC's Michael Powell on Wireless Broadband
FCC Recommendations to Speed Wireless Broadband
Nanotech Battery Available in 12-18 Months
Is Word of Mouth Bad for Kids?
Measuring Schedule Shrinkage in the Call Center
Ethics in Word of Mouth Marketing
Does Nyah-Nyah Marketing Really Work?
Yankee Group: HP Needs to Split Products Post-Fiorina
3G's Future: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics
MSOs Upgrading Furiously to Meet Triple-Play Threat
Internet Access in Taxicabs
Philadelphia Expected to Announce WiFi Plans This Week
Broadband Penetration to 75% of US Households by 2010
Premise Security a Critical Element
Corning Ready to Supply FTTx Efforts
M&A Activity: Handling Organizational Change
HP and Sun Look to the Future of Computing
HP Announces Worldwide Mobility Initiative
Welcome to New CRM Writer David Sims
IRS to Use Home-Based Agents With Disabilities for Call Center
CWA Favors SBC-AT&T Merger if Jobs Are Protected
SBC-AT&T Would Control 28% of Wired-Line Consumer Market
Staples Responds to Customer Emails in Less Than 4 Hours
Merrill Lynch: SBC-AT&T Combo Will Result in Savings
BellSouth Migrating 22 Contact Centers to Nortel IP Technologies
SBC Agrees to Buy AT&T for $16 Billion
Autobase Adds Loyalty Center to Automotive CRM Suite
NADA Conference Focuses Attention on CRM for Auto Dealers
Dashboards Providing Real-Time Management Info
More Automotive CRM - Solution for DNC Compliance
Nicer Folks Offer VoIP in Canada
CRM Demolition Derby
Merrill Lynch: SBC/AT&T Consolidation Should Benefit VoIP Vendors
Galitzine Takes on Dvorak
ARKONA Developing Web-Based CRM for Auto Dealers
WiFi in BK
Integrating Email Newsletters in CRM
Telchemy's Alan Clark on Managing Wireless LANs
Wells Fargo Using Knowlagent -- But How, Exactly?
Marketing Automation Solution From ATG
Can Digital Watermarking Address Piracy Concerns?
Search TV Programs With Google Video
Users Love to Search but Are Sometimes Naive
Tsunami Warnings Delivered via Mobile Phones?
Blogalyzers Multiply
Merrill Lynch Identifies Potential Telecom Surprises
1700+ Phishing Sites Reported in December
Generating High-Probability Sales Leads
Michael Powell's Statement on Leaving the FCC
Michael Powell Stepping Down From FCC?
China Food Manufacturer Upgrading CRM System
CNET TrackBacking Blog Links
End of Phishing? Not Likely
Abandoned Web Shopping Carts: Customers Didn't Really Bail Out
Security Company Outlines VoIP Vulnerabilities
Merrill Lynch Identifies Telecom Technologies to Watch in 2005
651 Million Use Email -- Traffic 76.8B Messages/Day
Intel's Strategy Driven by Convergence
Verizon and Yahoo!: a Smart Partnership
Financial Services CRM: Photo ID to Prevent Fraud
Getting a Network Ready for VoIP
McDonald's Using Call Centers for Takeout
Yahoo! and MSN Gaining on Google?
Samsung's 3D Movement Recognition Phone
Managing a Workforce With IP Communications
If You Work With VoIP, You've Got to See 'VoIP: The Movie'!
USPS Approves 'Reverse Telemarketing' Program
Yahoo! Gets Into Desktop Search
My Favorite Anti-Spam System
Merrill Lynch Expects Q4 2004 6% Growth for Communications Equipment Sector
Appeal From Arthur C. Clarke for Tsunami Relief Assistance
eBay Heads Up PC Recycling Effort
BellSouth Obstructing FTTP in Louisiana?
Modular PC Looks Great for the Mobile Pro
CAN-SPAM -- One Year Later
Intelís Vision for the Digital Home
AOL's 2004 Top 10 Spam Subject Lines
Most-Used IM Acronyms
Amazon's 10 Years: E-Commerce Revolution Continues
BPL a Danger to Amateur Radio?
Laptop Giving You Hot Pants?
Merrill Lynch Reports on Telecom Plans for Network Upgrades
Mining the Blogosphere
Will We Need the Cone of Silence on Airplanes?
Who's Gonna Get Fiber to My Home?
Phishing Attacks Increase

Archive of VoIP & CRM Blog Comments

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Pakistan to Get 'World's Largest' WiMAX Network (2)
Khawer Aman wrote: Now Wimax service in Peshawar just check your local provider...[Full comments on Pakistan to Get 'World's Largest' WiMAX Network]

Ethics in Word of Mouth Marketing (1)
ChloeWorthingtontzimt wrote: The new distributed viral forum/blog/wiki/classified/etc viral advertising engine is here. Spread the word about your product or service in short amount of time to millions of people. Get residual tra...[Full comments on Ethics in Word of Mouth Marketing]

Scariest Nigeria-Type Spam So Far (10)
Eli Reid wrote: I Am Barrister JAMES KOFFI Esq., a solicitor at law.I am the personal attorney to ENGR.J.B.Reid ,a national of your country, who is a Contractor and have spent most of his life in my country (Togo) ...[Full comments on Scariest Nigeria-Type Spam So Far]

How Do I Get My Google Click-Fraud Money? (1)
ALI wrote: i have rent a car in Lahore pakistan .. need car's msg me . we deal in every thing :) bye ALi 03214405990...[Full comments on How Do I Get My Google Click-Fraud Money?]

Microsoft Announces Customer Care Framework (1)
Charls wrote: Where can i find the SDK for CCF?...[Full comments on Microsoft Announces Customer Care Framework]

Contactual's Big Upgrade to OnDemand Contact Center: The Inside Story (1)
Contactual Customer wrote: I've been a victim, er, customer of Contactual's since they were called White Pajama, and I would wanr anyone considering purchasing their service to think twice. It does some things well, but it is ...[Full comments on Contactual's Big Upgrade to OnDemand Contact Center: The Inside Story]

ARKONA Developing Web-Based CRM for Auto Dealers (2)
Daryl Bannister wrote: Please let me know the latest status of your product. We are a Cisco certified reseller and we sell Cisco VoIP. We are interested in marketing to auto dealers and your product is of interest. Thank...[Full comments on ARKONA Developing Web-Based CRM for Auto Dealers]

Will Skype Disrupt the Business Voice Market? (1)
CRM Expert wrote: More and more companies are integrating with skype. Ofcourse CRM (Customer Relationship Management) would be the first area enterprise applications need to think skype. Companies like a...[Full comments on Will Skype Disrupt the Business Voice Market?]

Tsunami Warnings Delivered via Mobile Phones? (1)
Yasindu Laknath wrote: i need tsunami alert for my mobile because i live in sri lanka ...[Full comments on Tsunami Warnings Delivered via Mobile Phones?]

Accenture Says eGovernment Is Not Enough (1)
Reginald wrote: Certainly some form of automation is required to get governments moving from traditional methods to more modern methods. Isn't the demand for government sevices too much for them to handle at present?...[Full comments on Accenture Says eGovernment Is Not Enough]

Is It Really Click-to-Call? (6)
tom test wrote: test comment...[Full comments on Is It Really Click-to-Call?]

iotum DEMOs Presence Management (1)
Harold Rosen wrote: Thisi otum stuff is a joke - any grade 7 kid with any MIT goals could concoct this... old school!...[Full comments on iotum DEMOs Presence Management]

AT&T Releases New Logo (1)
Interstate Media Services wrote: Our company woould like to be involved in the removal/reinstallation of the graphics program for AT&T/SBC program. Who is the person handling the installation cordination? E-Mail me back...[Full comments on AT&T Releases New Logo]

Online Computer Support Product Connects to Remote Helpdesk Network (2)
Chris Scanlon wrote: Another remote support software package that has a small footprint and is very affordable for the small business and consultant market is one by 4RemoteSupport (For Remote Support) . It requires no in...[Full comments on Online Computer Support Product Connects to Remote Helpdesk Network]

Emergency Wireless Communications During Disasters (1)
Ian Elwood wrote: Interestingly in its current iteration this is not really a real issue. Because VoIP is not presently used for any time of mission critical voice applications, such as 911 calls (despite the new regu...[Full comments on Emergency Wireless Communications During Disasters]

MemoryMiner Allows Multimedia Online Sharing (1)
Sam wrote: Here is a multimedia blog service with free sign-up: Some of their interesting multimedia features caught my interest are: - an online video blogging feature: simply drag & dro...[Full comments on MemoryMiner Allows Multimedia Online Sharing]

Getting Phone Service: What Would You Go Through? (1)
Douglas Rupp wrote: Actually it was 120 rungs in a 160-foot tree....[Full comments on Getting Phone Service: What Would You Go Through?]

Futurist Predicts 2006 Tech Trends (1)
Jack Yan wrote: Iím not too surprised by the compressed time-frames for the PLCóin the motoring industry, it is accepted that the ďnoveltyĒ of an automobile is now six months (it was two years even as late as 10 year...[Full comments on Futurist Predicts 2006 Tech Trends]

TECHtionary Flash Tutorials as a Customer Support Resource (1)
imran wrote: helloÖ.. can anyone help me enter data into mysql database from a flash form using coldfusion components ? iím using web services and simply want to pass data from my flash form to my cfc while...[Full comments on TECHtionary Flash Tutorials as a Customer Support Resource]

Manassas Va. Launches City-Wide Broadband-Over-Powerline (BPL) (1)
michael wrote:[Full comments on Manassas Va. Launches City-Wide Broadband-Over-Powerline (BPL)]

Modular PC Looks Great for the Mobile Pro (1)
Roberto Sala wrote: Hello, Just wanted to let you know that we have a new web site and also new products. I'm the webmaster who first saw that it was not only clukny, it was a horrible web site so I tried and improve...[Full comments on Modular PC Looks Great for the Mobile Pro] Signs Merrill Lynch as Customer (1)
Rami Hamodah wrote: tries to market itself as a hosted CRM solution for the big and the strong. The fact is, the average customer has 17 users using the system. According to the Small Busi...[Full comments on Signs Merrill Lynch as Customer]

Predictive Dialers in Collections Centers (1)
Collection Laws wrote: More information collection agency laws......[Full comments on Predictive Dialers in Collections Centers]

Technology Podcast: CRM Wars - Cisco's Intelligent Networking - Pod Slurping - 1.3 Million Pennies - Tom Cruise All Wet (1)
Michael Hammond wrote: This was the point that Tom Cruise didnít make. ...[Full comments on Technology Podcast: CRM Wars - Cisco's Intelligent Networking - Pod Slurping - 1.3 Million Pennies - Tom Cruise All Wet]

Community College in Kansas Using Parature for Tech Support (1)
Michael wrote: I would have to agree with you. I feel that having someone in house developing software is an asset, however, if I remember what they used to have for a support system, they should be happy that stud...[Full comments on Community College in Kansas Using Parature for Tech Support]

Brightidea Offers On-Demand Innovation Software (1)
Yegor Kuznetsov wrote: Related topic: Check out a cool story by Tracy Gill on improving customer feedback withy WebSurveyor online survey tools in Target Marketing: Case Study: Online Survey Facilitates Customer Feedback...[Full comments on Brightidea Offers On-Demand Innovation Software]

Domestic Violence Hotline Plans Integration of Call Center and GIS (1)
Trudy W. Schuett wrote: Does the Tech Community know what it is supporting? The National Domestic Violence hotline is asking for millions of dollars in both donations from a number of tech companies and federal funding thro...[Full comments on Domestic Violence Hotline Plans Integration of Call Center and GIS]

VoX Releases Total VoIP Solution (1)
Davis wrote: Saw this thing in Conferencing News this morning...HyperDial a free software that turns phone numbers from Outlook automatically into hot links. It's free at Is this for real? An...[Full comments on VoX Releases Total VoIP Solution]

IRS to Use Home-Based Agents With Disabilities for Call Center (1)
Pat Dwyer wrote: I am a disabled IRS employee who formerly handled the IRS Forms and Publications calls from one of the three Forms Distribution Centers located across the country. What is not covered in this news rel...[Full comments on IRS to Use Home-Based Agents With Disabilities for Call Center]

USPS Approves 'Reverse Telemarketing' Program (1)
Omnedon wrote: Don't get me wrong, the theory sounds great, but it can't match the cost effectiveness of outbound telemarketing unless the gift is nearly free to give away and the reponse rate of the postcards is hi...[Full comments on USPS Approves 'Reverse Telemarketing' Program]

The Appeal of Fizzy Stuff (1)
Rich Tehrani wrote: I am looking forward to the Pop Rocks inspired remedies ;-)...[Full comments on The Appeal of Fizzy Stuff]

Wells Fargo Using Knowlagent -- But How, Exactly? (3)
stan joha wrote: interesting info....[Full comments on Wells Fargo Using Knowlagent -- But How, Exactly?]

Financial Services CRM: Photo ID to Prevent Fraud (1)
W. Edward Newcomb JR MBA wrote: ID theft and ID fraud are a growing problem. I applaud your efforts....[Full comments on Financial Services CRM: Photo ID to Prevent Fraud]

Nicer Folks Offer VoIP in Canada (1)
Bob wrote: You didn't write a story about Nicer, you just cut and paste a news release. How lame....[Full comments on Nicer Folks Offer VoIP in Canada]

Intelís Vision for the Digital Home (2)
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