Google and VoIP Inc. Testing Click-to-Call

January 31, 2006

TMCnet has learned that Google's peering deal with VoIP Inc. reported on yesterday by news analyst Robert Liu (see "VoIP Inc. Enters into Peering Deal with Google") is connected with a click-to-call advertising test the two companies began in late 2005.

The advertising test, confirmed by a Google spokesperson, fits with earlier reports that Google has been testing click-to-call and that users have seen telephone icons next to AdWords ads. In fact, here are a Click-to-Call FAQ and a Privacy Policy on the Google site on this very topic, indicating that at least some Google users are able to receive click-to-call icons on search results.

Google has been making moves suggesting that it intends to move into IP communications in a big way -- see this previous entry pointing to some fascinating articles by Robert X. Cringely about Google's likely long-term strategy.

Google's revenues come almost entirely from advertising, specifically pay-per-click or pay-for-performance. So it's most likely that if Google is sinking a lot of resources into an effort, it must have its advertising business model in mind.

Click-to-call is a logical step-up from pay-per-click, and I'm sure that direct response advertisers will be willing to pay a premium to receive a real-time VoIP phone call directly from an AdWords ad.

AB -- 1/31/06

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