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In my career I have had the benefit of being an active participant as a physical-layer interconnection facility operator. I built my business and knowledge-base up primarily at 60 Hudson St in New York and then 56 Marietta St in Atlanta, but then ultimately implemented a standard interconnection model across the entire country. This experience has given me great perspective on what works and what does not with respect to several dimensions of the communications industry.

From that vantage I began to write regular monthly articles back in 2003 covering various aspects of the Carrier Hotel & Meet Me Room market as well as Ethernet transport, VoIP and then on to the marriage of those two services in a series for TMC - VoIP Peering. I will continue to write VoIP Peering for Internet Telephony Magazine, but I have decided to extend the scope and reach of the topic with the VoIP Peering Chatblog.

Over the past 10 years I have met hundreds of very intelligent and insightful industry executives. I have had the pleasure of interviewing many of them and helped to get their story and vantage point out to the masses in print, presentations and even video. In keeping with the quest for accurate and timely information I am now beginning a new direction in publishing - the VoIP Peering Chatblog.

What is it?

The VoIP Peering Chatblog - A series of relevant questions posed to industry leaders and executives regarding various aspects of the VoIP Peering business including finance, networking and technology all captured in condensed and to-the-point email chat-style conversations and then posted to the high-profile and respected TMCNET.com blog site.


To attempt to effectively communicate essential knowledge to the masses from those that are actually producing the results. The VoIP Peering Chatblog is a resource and impacts dissemination for others in a neutral and unbiased way. It is specifically focused on Peering for the VoIP networking community for both service provider and enterprise network operators.

VoIP Peering Chatblog Guests will include C's, VP's, MD's and DM's

If you want to chat send me an email. After the exchange I can post the string and you'll get your point out to thousands in the business.

Please contact me directly if you are interested in participating.

Let's Chatblog!

Hunter Newby

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