SIP-CCESSFUL VoIP Peering Standards

In recent VoIP Peering news the Dutch Cable SIP Exchange successfully tested interop
between its peering system (provided by XConnect) with Nokia Siemens Networks hiQ VoIP Platform. The test was done to demonstrate the ability to bridge between ENUM and C7.This marks continuing progress for VoIP Peering which is a good thing, but it also highlights two other important factors.

1. ENUM is the primary choice for routing with C7 being the fallback

2. The role of standards

In order to effect change technology must not only exist and operate correctly, but the thought process of how and when to use it must also change. A common language must have a common process and order. It is easy to see that the new way is ENUM first, C7 second. These are significant milestones in the psychology of networking as much as they are in the lifecycle of these entities.

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