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I've been using YouTube as a way to disseminate information via video for a couple of years now and I just crossed a milestones of sorts. Recently an interview from the June 2008 Voice Peering Forum in San Francisco with me, Rich Tehrani and Gary Kim was posted and it has been recognized by YouTube -

YouTube: Honor for video: Most Viewed Today (#88 + #100 within Science & Technology)

Dubbed the Teleom Talk Show it has now been viewed 4780 times. That's not as popular as some of the other content posted on YouTube, but for our little sliver of the world it's not so bad. The really amazing thing about it is the direct response that I have received from the viewers. The Telecom Talk Show discussion topics ranged, but of particular interest was a new dark fiber route being constructed. The various benefits of dark fiber for long haul, short haul, Fiber To The Tower (wirelesss backhaul) and regen colocation facilities all combined in to the construction of a new, single network are very powerful and meaningful to many people in and around the higher layers of the stack as well as well as the wavelength and Ethernet transport providers. Without this video and YouTube there are several people out there that might not have known the information.

This type of YouTube Talk Show is very effective for any kind of information and every company out there should consider it for part of their marketing/branding campaigns. It certainly helps having industry celebrities like Rich Tehrani and Gary Kim to drive traffic too!

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