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I recently had the chance to chat with Doug Ranalli, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of NetNumber, the world's leading provider of converged, next-generation, portability-corrected ENUM, SIP, SS7/C7 and SIGTRAN addressing and routing technology to the global communications industry about their recent annoucement with XConnect.

Although we had a very stimulating conversation that included perspectives on the US Broadband Stimulus which is sure to ultimately help VoIP deployment and adoption in many ways Doug's quote from the release basically sums up the value of the XConnect relationship and how it will stimulate VoIP Peering...

"Fixed-line carriers and mobile operators that have deployed the NetNumber TITAN server can now query the XConnect registry via SIP and ENUM methodologies to identify routing details for millions of telephone numbers operated by service providers globally," said Douglas Ranalli, NetNumber's founder and chief strategy officer. "Future Carrier-ENUM and number-portability implementations will depend on the smooth integration of routing data from multiple registry providers, and this certification moves us in that direction."

This announcement received a decent amount of media attention from sources other than myself - which is great! It shows that the VoIP Peering movement is in fact just that - moving. From the looks of it the VoIP Peering world is moving in the right direction too.

The basic building blocks must be established first. Protocol adoption by the masses is key. The next logical step is interop between islands that speak the same language, but to date have had no direct bridges. In the IP world that is called peering. I am a big fan of multi-lateral VoIP Peering and this is a good move.

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