VPF Peering Right Along

I had the chance to catch up with Shrihari Pandit CEO of Stealth Communications, owners of the Voice Peering Fabric. Aside from the usual highly stimulating conversation the short story is:

  • The VPF now has over 350 (increasingly enterprise) members
  • Over 56 Million active numbers in the VPF ENUM registry hitting peaks of 1 million successful calls (lookups) per day
  • An annual run-rate of over 537 Billion minutes as of March 5th

There is a lot happening with the VPF, so much that Shrihari hasn't even had time to communicate it all. The progress is evident in the increasing number of members, and call volumes which seem to be accelerating even in this down economy. It looks like the enterprise IT managers might be beginning to realize the benefits of VoIP Peering now that many of them have migrated to VoIP and been running with it for a while.

Evolution takes time and requires patience, but in the end change is inevitable.

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