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Do not even think for one second that VoIP Peering, or any of its various dimensions, are napping - and XConnect is the proof. In their latest announcement XConnect has laid down the VoIP Peering Law. For a quick recap here are the highlights...

1. The Global Alliance Community Web portal - a site containing the tools for finding peering partners based on their location, business type and service features supported, and creating and controlling all aspects of their peering policy on a peer-by-peer basis. The portal also offers access to real-time traffic statistics, market intelligence, forums, member messaging and networking tools.

2. Free Alliance - an option that allows service providers to exchange voice and multimedia traffic settlement-free, thereby extending the benefits of on-net calling to millions of IP end users worldwide.

3. Alliance In and Out

In - an option for Global Alliance members to earn revenue by receiving inbound traffic from the PSTN into their networks, based on XConnect's ENUM registry.

Out - an option that enables Global Alliance members to terminate their outbound traffic via XConnect, based on a standard, per-minute billing model.

4. Web 2.0 and Voice over Instant Messaging (VoIM) Peering - an option for service providers to extend subscribers' free-call reach by peering with IM communities, such as Google Talkā„¢.

These are all killer apps for VoIP Peering. I myself am partial to the Free Alliance. Not that I have anything against making money, or companies that do, but it shows that there is a model for making making money by giving something away for "free". Ha! For those that do not "get it" - give away the razor and sell the blades.

Not only is there a huge future in VoIP Peering - the future IS VoIP Peering. Everyone, including call center businesses and every company that uses a call center for sales, support, etc - which is a lot - needs to understand the 4 points above. Every one of them can help reduce costs and increase revenues and bottom line margins.

Rock On XConnect and VoIP Peering! Soon it will be a given and everyone will get it.

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