VoIP Peering is now Infrastructure Peering

After many years of covering only VoIP Peering I have now decided to expand my coverage of the developing network landscape and not only cover VoIP Peering, but also more broadly - Infrastructure. 

From my recent Internet Telephony article 

Infrastructure Peering - The Topic for the Next Decade

Here are the Top 3 of 5 reasons why I made the change

1. There is quite a bit of network infrastructure that goes in to supporting VoIP and VoIP peering. I do not believe that everyone fully understands and appreciates this. One example is the relationship between Ethernet (both wired and wireless) and VoIP. There are real costs in the lower layer elements that tie in to cost, QoS and other factors of VoIP and VoIP peering.

2. VoIP is not the only application for IP that gets peered. As INTERNET TELEPHONY parent company TMC (News - Alert) itself opens up to covering more layers including dark fiber, wireless backhaul, cloud computing, etc., it makes logical sense to address many IP applications – video, HPC, financial trading, media, etc., and not just VoIP.

3. I have been involved in VoIP since its commercial inception at ITXC and VoIP peering since the creation of the Voice Peering Fabric and have tracked the growth, creation of new businesses, models, etc. There is still a lot going on in the world in this regard, but I do not want to limit editorial coverage to just that. VoIP is becoming more inherent in things like video and gaming, and as I have written many times, it is becoming much more difficult to justify voice as a standalone business. Not that the application needs to be a standalone business to get coverage, but technical and business implications of all applications should and will be considered.

To see all 5 reasons read the full article....

Thanks to all who have followed my VoIP Peering article and blog for so many years. Your kind words of support and encouragement have always been inspiration and are a big part of my decision to expand the column and blog to be inclusive of all of the elements necessary to enable VoIP Peering.

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