The Why of Broadband

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What a great report! There are so many different pieces of information, but the answers tell the story of the questions that were asked and what the motivations of the state were to ask them. North Carolina's primary motivation, and really that of any state, country, etc., is to protect the tax base by maintaining and even increasing the value, attraction and magnetic strength of the land. If the actual percentages in each bullet are put aside, as we can assume that the responses from other states would be the same, the truth comes out about the hopes and fears of the state.The fear is the bad side, of course.

* New job creation is not only as a result of broadband Internet access, but also a requirement for the job.

* Home businesses heavily rely on broadband Internet access.

* If there was no broadband Internet access, the people and businesses would leave.

* If they leave so goes the tax revenue and then the value of the land.The hope is the good side and rationale for investment.

* People and businesses with broadband Internet access will stay where they are.

* Once a business is in operation it is disinclined to move.

* All of this increases the tax base.

This insight into the thought process of the state is a key indicator as to what motivates it and keeps its managers up at night. It is very encouraging to see the way being paved by these thought leaders.

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