T-Mobile to Launch Dual-Mode Handsets and Service

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T-Mobile to Launch Dual-Mode Handsets and Service

Last week, I blogged about D-Link’s launch of its new, dual-mode handset—the V-Click—and noted that the only other comparable product slated for availability soon is Paragon Wireless’ hip-2200. It appears I may have spoken too soon.

According to an Associated Press report that hit the wires Friday, by year’s end T-Mobile plans to launch its own dual-mode handset and companion service. The service reportedly will be rolled out using Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) technology.

AP reported that the news came from Robert Dotson, CEO of Deutsche Telekom AG (T-Mobile’s parent company), who hinted that the new service and handset likely will be rolled out initially in Seattle, Washington, where T-Mobile is headquartered.

No news yet about how much the handsets, or the service, will cost.

So stay tuned—dual mode voice service may be arriving sooner than you thought, at least if you live in Seattle.