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December 2006

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ABI: Growth Ahead for In-building Wireless Systems

December 22, 2006

It’s a problem most users of cell phones and other wireless devices have encountered at some point: spotty indoor network coverage. The signal that may be so strong while walking around outside or driving from Point A to Point B may be weak or nonexistent inside a house or other building.


Broadening and strengthening indoor coverage for wireless networks is the topic of a recent report from ABI Research, in which the firm notes the current and anticipated growth of the in-building wireless systems market.


Revenues from deployment of such systems, ABI says, likely will exceed $3.6 billion by 2011.

ABI: 32 Million Mainland Chinese Users of Mobile Video in 2008

December 21, 2006

Today’s news about the mobile video market comes from... drum-roll please... the East. China, more specifically.


ABI Research today released a report predicting that 2008 will be the year when the mobile video market in China really takes off.

Samsung Intros V960 'Optical Joystick' Phone in Korea

December 20, 2006

This seems to be the week of the phone. First, the long-awaited iPhone hit the market… but it turned out to be a VoIP phone from Linksys rather than a cell phone from Apple. Then, ASUSTeK Computer, Inc., launched a wireless music Skype phone in India.

Now comes news that, later this month, Samsung Electronics will be introducing in Korea what it describes as “the world's first mobile phone featuring a n optical joystick for a whole new mobile experience.”

ASUS Launches 'World's First Wireless Music Skype Phone' in India

December 19, 2006


Listen up, readers in India: ASUSTeK Computer, Inc. (ASUS), a provider of digital home solutions, on Monday launched what it calls “the world’s first wireless music Skype phone,” in the Indian market.


The AiGuru S1 provides free international calls via Skype, WiFi connectivity, wireless music player functions, and remote controller features.


“The goal of digital home technologies is to share computer resource with other electronic devices around the house and provide greater convenience,” said Joe Hsieh, director of ASUS’ digital home business, in a statement. “The AiGuru S1 packed several practical features for easy and wireless access of PC functions.

Alltel Launches GPS Service

December 18, 2006

If you’re traveling by car this holiday season, you may be considering installing a GPS-based navigational device in your vehicle to reduce at least some of the hassles of the trip. A variety of such products are available, should you opt for an in-vehicle device.


But you may also be considering a navigational service delivered to your cell phone. One such service is TeleNav’s GPS Navigator, available now to Alltel Wireless customers using selected handsets.

UMTS/HSDPA Wireless Laptop from HP and Cingular

December 13, 2006

It’s not too late to add another item to your Christmas wish list, is it? If you’re a power laptop user, an announcement yesterday from HP and Cingular may have you dropping some last-minute hints to Santa. The two companies announced availability of the first laptop in the U.S. market with built-in mobile broadband capability.

Rumors: iPhone Won't be Launched at Macworld in January

December 11, 2006

Ah, the rumor mill regarding the alleged Apple iPhone allegedly slated for release early in 2007… well, that rumor mill is in full swing again. This time, various reports have it that Apple will not be launching the iPhone at MacWorld Expo in January.

At least one report traces the rumor back to a Sydney Morning Herald article published today, in which reporter Asher Moses quoted CIBC World Markets analyst Ittai Kidron as having written last week that iPhone will be commercially launched late in the first quarter of 2007, or early in the second.

The Sydney Morning Herald report also noted that Wall Street analysts acknowledge even speculation about a delayed launch is affecting Apple’s share price.

Tracking Everything that Moves: Telespial's Trackstick Pro

December 7, 2006

I guess it was just a matter of time before the power of Google Earth leapt off the computer screen to become part of a real-world (as opposed to virtual world) tool. Recently various cell phone services have begun to create mash-ups of sorts with Google Maps. But Trackstick Pro, which I stumbled across the other day in my wireless wanderings, takes this idea to a whole new level.

What is Trackstick Pro? The manufacturer (Telespial Systems) describes it as “an advanced GPS data logger capable of continuously recording its own location histories for extended periods of time.” It can log months of travel histories, with user-configurable recording intervals.

Samsung Invests $320 Million in WiMAX R&D

December 7, 2006

If you’re among those closely following WiMAX developments in Asia, take note: WiMAX Day reported earlier this week that Samsung plans to invest more than $320 million in WiMAX development and research during 2007.

The money primarily will be funneled into R&D for mobile handsets and notebook computers (such as the SPH-P9000 MIT Device introduced in early November).

Motorola Canada Intros Portable Cell Phone Charger

December 4, 2006

In a way, its strange how grocery stores have turned into one-stop shops for running most of your errands. Some of the larger chains now incorporate pharmacies, banks, dry-cleaners, childcare rooms, and other non-food-related resources within their walls.

Recently I was meandering down the hardware aisle in a supermarket, and noticed that they were selling portable chargers for cell phones designed to give you a little bit more juice without having to plug the phone in.

Well, to me that proved that grocery stores now truly are “supermarkets.” I mean, if I can buy cell phone accessories there, the sky’s the limit.

SK Telecom Plans $125.8 Million Korean WiBro Investment

December 1, 2006

Recently, I blogged about KT’s plans to install wireless Internet service in the subway trains of Seoul, South Korea. Today I report on a related update: WiMAX day says that SK Telecom yesterday filed document with the Korean stock exchange announcing the company’s intention to invest $125.8 million to expand WiBro services in the country.

(In case you’re note familiar, WiBro is “the local brand name for mobile WiMAX in Korea,” WiMAX Day explains.)

The connection to the subway project, by the way, is that SK and KT are jointly working to install wireless Internet in the trains.