Wireless Energy Efficiency Pop Quiz

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Wireless Energy Efficiency Pop Quiz

Pop quiz: which of the following is the most energy efficient method of delivering mobile broadband?

1. WCDMA (cellular)
2. WiMAX
3. WiFi

Here with your answer is ABI Research analyst Stuart Carlaw (quoted from a recent news release): “From a pure coverage perspective WiMAX is twice as energy-cost-effective and metro Wi-Fi is 50 times more energy-cost-effective than WCDMA. When data traffic is factored into the equation, WiMAX can accommodate 11 times today’s average data consumption and still be more energy-cost-efficient compared to WCDMA or HSDPA.”

Considering the fact that energy costs are the third most significant operating expense for cellular carriers (at least, according to ABI), this little quiz is rather an important one.

Indeed, ABI noted in a recent report that the introduction of mobile broadband “means that the energy required per subscriber arising from increasing data uptake will push per-subscriber energy OPEX for cellular solutions past acceptable barriers - unless carriers move from a traditional cellular-only approach to one that integrates WiMAX and Metro Wi-Fi.”

Chalk one up for WiMAX and WiFi. Rah, rah, rah!