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June 2007

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Want an iPhone? Get in Line

June 29, 2007

In what has to be one of the best-orchestrated marketing schemes in a while, Apple today will start selling its new iPhone, a device which combines the popular iPod MP3 player with smartphone and wireless Web capabilities. Stores open tonight at 6:00 p.m.  Eastern Time in the U.S. (They’ll be closed from 2:00-6:00pm to prepare for the expected onslaught.) If you want an iPhone, better get in line now.   Actually, though, some people have already been in line… since Monday.

CallWave Visual Voicemail Follow-up

June 26, 2007

Last week I blogged about CallWave’s new Visual Voicemail service for use with mobile phones. I wrote that I really liked the service, but had two gripes:   1. Callers didn’t get my personal greeting, instead reached a generic CallWave message.   2. I couldn’t access my voicemail from my phone any longer—only using the online, visual mailbox.   I heard back from two reps at CallWave (you can read their notes in the comments section of this blog) who pointed out that, actually, the Visual Voicemail service has functionality built in that overcome both the problems I was encountering.

Review: CallWave Visual Voicemail

June 22, 2007

CallWave, a company that’s been creating voice applications since 1998, recently released a new service called CallWave Visual Voicemail. This is a ‘widget’ (works with iGoogle, Apple OS, Windows, and Yahoo!) that lets you see your voicemail messages in a Web-based menu and choose which ones you want to listen to.   I decided to give this a whirl, since I’m still saving up to buy an iPhone (which includes lots of neat features, including visual voicemail). IMHO, visual voicemail is long overdue.

Apple iPhone: Coming June 29

June 4, 2007

The big news broke over the weekend: there is now an official launch date for Apple’s much-touted iPhone (device that combines mobile phone with iPod). The new product’s hit-the-shelves birthday is June 29.   Is it really official? Well, seems so: Reuters is reporting it this morning (citing confirmation from an Apple spokesperson), and Apple aired three TV commercials Sunday night showing off iPhone and saying it will be available to purchase on the 29th.