Apple iPhone: Coming June 29

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Apple iPhone: Coming June 29

The big news broke over the weekend: there is now an official launch date for Apple’s much-touted iPhone (device that combines mobile phone with iPod). The new product’s hit-the-shelves birthday is June 29.
Is it really official? Well, seems so: Reuters is reporting it this morning (citing confirmation from an Apple spokesperson), and Apple aired three TV commercials Sunday night showing off iPhone and saying it will be available to purchase on the 29th. These commercials are available for viewing on Apple’s Web site.
In one commercial, the voice-over boasts that there’s never been an iPod that can do so many things: let you use your finger to scroll through music album covers, display video on such a large screen (and change its orientation simply by physically turning the device sideways), let you scroll through and manage photos, and answer a call.
The second commercial show how easy it is to turn on iPhone and use it to manage your music, send e-mail, browse the Web, and make a call.
My favorite of the commercials is the one titled “Calamari.” In it, a user is watching Pirates of the Caribbean and gets hungry for calamari after seeing the sea monster tails. The user then hops on Google Maps, performs a search for seafood restaurants, locates a place to eat, and then calls the restaurant—all from the iPhone. Pretty slick stuff!
So, it’s time to break out your sleeping bags. Something tells me there’s gonna be L-O-N-G long lines outside stores on June 29…

Feedback for Apple iPhone: Coming June 29


There will certainly be L-O-N-G lines, but y'know, it is suppose to be in over 2000 store front windows the first day.

I just started seeing commercials for it last night. I can't wait to get my hands on the iphone!

I have not seen so much hype on any phone in my 10 years of experience in Wireless-Mobile industry.
It even made a news when it got approved by FCC. Oh come on ....
But anybody is talking about the technical features and reliablity? How is the battery life for the iPhone . I read that iPhone will have 3 ARM9 processors and a DSP . One can think of 4CPU's running on the one battery .
Then you have 2 radios WiFi and GSM , they will continuously consume your battery for scanning and latching on to their resources.

OK , its just my way of thinking . But I am also as eager as everybody to see the iPhone and offcourse is performance.

Yesterday there was report that there are around 19Millions users are waiting to move to AT&T to get the iPhone exclusive deal.
I pity on Verizon , it is very big mistake they make when they refuse to Steve for exclusive iPhone deal.
Most of these 19Millions are from Verizon and his technology brother Sprint/Nextel.

3 cheers for iPhone.