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December 2007

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Apple Tablet: A Good Idea or a Bad One?

December 28, 2007

An interesting video was posted yesterday on, in which staff reporter Scott Moritz and gadget columnist Gary Krakow discuss Apple’s reportedly upcoming release of a tablet computer with touchscreen.   Krakow’s conclusion was that maybe Apple will come out with a product compelling enough for people to buy it, but given the history of table computers the odds are against Apple.   “Ask any other manufacturer: tablets do not sell,” Krakow said in the video. He noted that people like the idea of working on a flat surface, but when it comes time to type a letter, tablets fall short.

Apple Rumors: Fox Movie Deal, 3G iPhone, Asia iPhone Deals

December 27, 2007

With the Macworld Conference & Expo only a few weeks off, yours truly thought it might be a good time to head on over to AppleInsider and see what’s on tap for current Apple-related gossip. It’s kind of funny how much fuss was made last year leading up to Macworld 2007, mostly speculation about iPhone, and how relatively quiet the rumor mill is this year.   One very likely announcement from Apple at Macworld might be a deal with 20th Century Fox to rent movies on-demand through iTunes. AppleInsider reports that such a deal is in the works, according to a recent Financial Times article quoting “a person familiar with the situation.” Sounds like a credible source to me!   The service would supposedly work like this: users could download a complete movie from iTunes, for a rental fee, but it would only last a set amount of time before “expiring.” Fox would also provide DVD copies of the movies that are copy protected to an extent; these copies would allow the movies to be transferred to a device (e.g.

Nicholas Ciarelli Bows to Apple, Agrees to Shut down 'Think Secret' Web Site

December 21, 2007

One of the biggest stories of this Friday-before-Christmas was a report that Apple and Nicholas Ciarelli, master of the Think Secret Apple rumors Web site, have reached an amicable agreement in which Ciarelli agreed to shut down the site. The site was a source for leaks about Apple product releases, but because it was run by an independent publisher it ultimately was put in a different category than traditional journalistic outlets.   Apple sued Ciarelli in January, 2005, for publishing trade secrets from the company, and now almost three years later the heart of the matter has finally been sorted out. New York Times reported that Ciarelli, a senior at Harvard, was satisfied with the outcome.

ABI Predicts RIM Will Finish Second Behind Nokia for 2007 Smartphone Sales

December 20, 2007

When it comes to smartphone market share, no-one can touch Nokia. But it looks like Research in Motion (RIM), maker of BlackBerry devices, will come pretty close for 2007. That’s the conclusion reached by ABI Research in its research brief, Research in Motion Strategic Review, released Thursday.   ABI is predicting that RIM will end 2007 with 10 percent of the smartphone market, making it the second largest such vendor in terms of device shipments—second only to Nokia.

FCC Releases Full List of 700 MHz Spectrum Auction Applicants

December 19, 2007

The envelope, please. RCR Wireless reports today that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission has released a full list of companies that applied to participate in the 700 MHz wireless spectrum auction due to begin January 24, 2008. The FCC reportedly received 266 applications—from big companies like Google and small, regional phone companies like Inland Cellular Telephony Company serving Eastern Washington State and North Central Idaho.   RCR Wireless reports that the FCC has assigned an “Accepted” status to 96 applicants, with a further 80 applicants given an initial filing status of “Incomplete.” On the incomplete list are Alltel, Cox Wireless and Qualcomm.

Strategy Analytics: 2008 Will Be a Significant Year for Fixed-mobile Convergence

December 18, 2007

Predictions, predictions. This time of year, people love to make predictions. Today’s example comes from Strategy Analytics, in the form of some wireless enterprise strategy projections for 2008. The firm’s year-end market outlook predicts that unlicensed mobile access (UMA) and Call Redirect will dominate the business fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) market next year.   The firm also thinks that mobile device management (MDM) solutions will experience strong growth during 2008, with sales of dual-mode smartphones reaching 66 million.

Good and Bad Legal News for Apple and iPhone This Week

December 5, 2007

Legal-wise, this week has been a mixed bag so far for Apple and its iPhone. The “good” news first: on Tuesday, TMCnet contributing editor Susan Campbell reported that T-Mobile won a case in Germany involving the sale of Apple’s iPhone. A German court reversed an injunction against the carrier that would have required it to sell an unlocked version of iPhone.   Now, T-Mobile is free to remain the exclusive provider of iPhone in Germany, offering it only as a locked device with a two-year contract.

Verizon: Maybe Android Isn't So Bad After All

December 4, 2007

In a move that left consumers and wireless industry analysts gasping with surprise, Verizon Wireless let the world know Monday night that it has changed its mind about Google’s mobile Android platform. That’s right, the carrier that never stops working for you has admitted maybe it was wrong about Android and open standards, and would now like to be part of the future, thank you very much.   Sensing a bit of snarkiness in the paragraph above? Yep, that’s right.

Aruba Networks Welcomes 100th PartnerEdge Program Participant

December 3, 2007

One hundred is a nice, round number. It also happens to be the number of companies now participating in Aruba Networks’ PartnerEdge program. Not too shabby for a program that was only launched this past September.   Aruba, a provider of network and secure mobility solutions, designed its PartnerEdge program to be compelling for companies interested in joining—thanks to sales and marketing resources, comprehensive training and cash rewards.