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FCC Releases Full List of 700 MHz Spectrum Auction Applicants

December 19, 2007

The envelope, please. RCR Wireless reports today that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission has released a full list of companies that applied to participate in the 700 MHz wireless spectrum auction due to begin January 24, 2008. The FCC reportedly received 266 applications—from big companies like Google and small, regional phone companies like Inland Cellular Telephony Company serving Eastern Washington State and North Central Idaho.   RCR Wireless reports that the FCC has assigned an “Accepted” status to 96 applicants, with a further 80 applicants given an initial filing status of “Incomplete.” On the incomplete list are Alltel, Cox Wireless and Qualcomm.

Strategy Analytics: 2008 Will Be a Significant Year for Fixed-mobile Convergence

December 18, 2007

Predictions, predictions. This time of year, people love to make predictions. Today’s example comes from Strategy Analytics, in the form of some wireless enterprise strategy projections for 2008. The firm’s year-end market outlook predicts that unlicensed mobile access (UMA) and Call Redirect will dominate the business fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) market next year.   The firm also thinks that mobile device management (MDM) solutions will experience strong growth during 2008, with sales of dual-mode smartphones reaching 66 million.

Good and Bad Legal News for Apple and iPhone This Week

December 5, 2007

Legal-wise, this week has been a mixed bag so far for Apple and its iPhone. The “good” news first: on Tuesday, TMCnet contributing editor Susan Campbell reported that T-Mobile won a case in Germany involving the sale of Apple’s iPhone. A German court reversed an injunction against the carrier that would have required it to sell an unlocked version of iPhone.   Now, T-Mobile is free to remain the exclusive provider of iPhone in Germany, offering it only as a locked device with a two-year contract.

Verizon: Maybe Android Isn't So Bad After All

December 4, 2007

In a move that left consumers and wireless industry analysts gasping with surprise, Verizon Wireless let the world know Monday night that it has changed its mind about Google’s mobile Android platform. That’s right, the carrier that never stops working for you has admitted maybe it was wrong about Android and open standards, and would now like to be part of the future, thank you very much.   Sensing a bit of snarkiness in the paragraph above? Yep, that’s right.

Aruba Networks Welcomes 100th PartnerEdge Program Participant

December 3, 2007

One hundred is a nice, round number. It also happens to be the number of companies now participating in Aruba Networks’ PartnerEdge program. Not too shabby for a program that was only launched this past September.   Aruba, a provider of network and secure mobility solutions, designed its PartnerEdge program to be compelling for companies interested in joining—thanks to sales and marketing resources, comprehensive training and cash rewards.

Disney Plans Spring, 2008 Launch of Mobile Phone Service in Japan

November 12, 2007

In late September, TMCnet editor Stefania Viscusi reported on the possibility that Walt Disney Internet Group, after announcing the shutdown of its Disney Mobile phone service on Sept. 27, might be out of the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) business for good.   The answer to that question is “Apparently not,” at least not for now. Wall Street Journal reported today that Walt Disney Co. and Softbank Corp. (a Japanese mobile operator) are teaming up to introduce a mobile phone service in Japan. The service will be called… drum-roll please… Disney Mobile.

Rumor Mill: Google 'Gphone' Software Release a Fortnight Away

October 30, 2007

Rumors are flying that the do-no-evilers over at Google are getting ready to launch the much-speculated-upon ‘Gphone’—or at least the software and services needed for such a phone to function. The rumor-mill flames were fanned by a Wall Street Journal article this morning, which quoted “people familiar with the matter” as saying that a Gphone software unveiling will be coming soon.   According to the Wall Street Journal’s report, Google’s goal with its allegedly upcoming release is to “make applications and services as accessible on cellphones as they are on the Internet.” Rich Tehrani predicted in a blog post earlier today that it’s unlikely Gphone can be any more wow-worthy than Apple’s iPhone.   “Somehow I have trouble believing Google will have a device anywhere near as useful as Apple’s iPhone,” Tehrani wrote.

Report: 85 Percent of Next Billion Mobile Subscriptions Will Come from Emerging Markets

October 16, 2007

If you live in the U.S. and Europe and feel as if every person you know (including yourself) owns and uses a cellphone, you’re right on. A new report out this month from Pyramid Research confirms the suspicion that the mobile phone markets in “First World” economies are pretty saturated.   According to Pyramid Research, at the end of 2006 there were almost 2.8 billion subscribers to mobile services around the world, translating to an overall penetration rate of 44 percent.

Woman Sues Apple for $1 Million Over iPhone Price Cut

October 2, 2007

One of the bigger stories in the mobile space this week is the case of a New York woman who’s suing Apple for $1 million because of the way the company handled recent price cuts and changes to its iPhone and iPod product lines.   Dongmei Li, the woman who filed the suite, is p-oed because she bought a 4GB model of iPhone in July, and now her phone is obsolete; 68 days after iPhone’s launch in the U.S., Apple cut the price of the 8 GB iPhone from $599 to $399 and phased out the 4GB model.   Li claims that Apple’s actions represent “price discrimination, underselling, discrimination in rebates, deceptive action and other wrongdoings,” Times Online said in a Tuesday report. Li also thinks that Apple was wrong to lower the price because market conditions didn’t make the change necessary.

Rumor Mill: Apple Developing Newton II

September 27, 2007

Officials at Apple, Inc., have a habit of being very close-lipped about potential future products or product updates. At the same time, Apple’s products—like the very popular iPod line of music players—are extremely cutting-edge and user-friendly, making them very sought-after. These two factors, tight control over press and popular products, are excellent ingredients for a robust rumor mill.   That rumor mill is in full swing again after a post yesterday morning on the AppleInsider blog regarding Apple’s plans to have a go at reinventing the personal digital assistant (PDA).