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February 2009

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Evolution of Cellular

February 2, 2009

Brough is doing a great job giving the history of the industry move to 3G.

Like Darwin's natural selection, the market is the place where natural selection occurs.

There are lots of standards that have been in play over the years.  And LTE represents the strategy for the carrier market.

But is the carrier market the only market?

Interesting point about markets for video and SMS.

SMS was not planned for but as the profits rolled in the adoption became universal.  MMS does not come automatically configured which means that only 40% of the capable phones have been configured.

On the video side, the story turns out to be about shared video.  The market does not want video call, they want to comment via voice about some shared visual.  "Look at this" as opposed to "look at me".

Nice side crowd

Revolt: IMS: Making Room for the Evolution

February 1, 2009

The Team of experts speaking on the Tuesday morning session have rewritten the Session Description to more accurately reflect their experience.

Here is the new write up.

The migration path for long-term evolution (LTE)  has several steps along the way. This session will look at IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) as a key enabler in the migration from 3G to 4G, particularly to LTE. It will consider some of the opportunities and advantages enabled by IMS in this context and will analyze some of the challenges operators are facing in using IMS as a fundamental enabler in their 4G networks and in their converged (wireless and wireline) networks.
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