Apple the Turtle continues to Beat the Industry

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Apple the Turtle continues to Beat the Industry

The iPad 3.0 has arrived with incremental features and a community of loyal Apple customer ready to toss 1 & 2 for 3 as if they were a 1982 Kaypro.  Pretty amazing.

As Jeff Orr of ABI Research stated in there press release

“Individually, none of the new iPad features create an insurmountable advantage for Apple over its competition,” says Jeff Orr,  group director, consumer research. ASUS is currently shipping a quad-core tablet and even Chinese vendor Huawei announced one last week.  LTE connectivity is currently available from both Samsung and Motorola tablets.  “The opportunity for Apple remains with how it can tie together the hardware and software for the customer experience.  Half of Apple’s announcement focused on the new hardware, while the balance saw software developers demonstrate new applications that leverage the faster processor and higher resolution display,” adds Orr."

If Apple knows how to do anything its how to manage a product experience, from the original iPod to now has been a massive change but one that built loyalty.

Likewise the iPad 3 is going to bring the masses to the next level.  Like the Hulu ads suggest video will be the mind numbing killer application and with LTE the iPad has done the industry a favor of giving the customers a device that will not have to the 4G LTE turn off in order to have battery life.

This will be the first time that the LTE network gets a chance to shine for Verizon Wireless and I expect the orders to be disproportionately toward VZW.  Lets guess that VZW will gain about 350,000 in subscribers within the first quarter of availability. 

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