Let's Get Sirius about John Malone

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Let's Get Sirius about John Malone

Sirius is about to be under the control of Liberty Media according to the NY Times.

While Sirius had been against the acquistion it seems clear now that the  air has been cleared for the air to be used ;<).

What's interesting is the possibilities of this addition.  As you may recall Netflix owes alot of its success to the reading of the licensing from Starz (which also is a Liberty Media company).

A case can be made for a path for Sirius to be inclusive of Video.

If you think about what the home TV is now doing with Music Genre mix a similar service could be in the hopper.

What is most interesting is the diversity of holdings at liberty media with content and carriage being equally held.

In the past John Malone has tried to charge carriage to the content companies and end the must carry rules.

There is irony that he has both Sirius and CenturyLink in his portfolio as well as the Time Warner properties.

Where he goes with this acquisition is total speculation but given the assets we should expect what ever happens Sirius will be get a real boost.


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