CounterPath on a Tear, Teams with Intrado to Develop E911 Softphone Support

I recently met up with Donovan Jones and Jason Fischl, CounterPath's President/COO and CTO respectively, and they told me that revenues are growing around 20% per quarter -- a very nice clip even if Donovan does say so himself! Given that almost every service provider and hardware vendor I met up with at the last VON show that had a softphone product was licensing it from CounterPath, this number is perfectly believable -- and in my view set to grow even larger.

CounterPath Solutions is without question one of, if not THE leading provider of VoIP and Video over IP SIP softphones (with over 191 customers and more than 6 million IP endpoints deployed), and they recently announced an alliance with Intrado Inc., the leading provider of VoIP E911 services to develop new functionality within CounterPath’s softphone to support automatic location identification on mobile VoIP 911 calls. For most prospective large corporate and government users of VoIP, this is a very important development, as access to emergency services is actually a mandated policy that in many cases severely restricts the use of softphones.

The technology will enable the softphone to integrate directly with Intrado’s systems in order to detect and send location information automatically when a 911 call is made from a wireless VoIP end-user device. This means that calls made from a softphone on a laptop or smartphone, for example, will be directed to the appropriate public safety answering point (PSAP) and that emergency operators can link the caller's current physical location with the phone number used to dial for help. As a result, service providers deploying a CounterPath softphone with their VoIP service will be able to provide E911 services to customers.

This past August, CounterPath and Intrado’s VoIP location technology was tested successfully in a joint E911 trial throughout New York City. The results proved the technology’s consistent location identification ability.

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Excellent article! Actually, it was Intrado that announced THEY have an alliance with Counterpath. That was the only error I saw in your piece. The low trading volume of CounterPath shaes is, indeed, a mystery. It seems like this is a stock that is sitting on the launch pad.

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