Ancient Writing Discovered

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Ancient Writing Discovered

The New York Times is reporting on a discovery of a stone slab which bears a heretofore unknown example of writing dating back almost 3,000 years. According to the story, the writing might possibly be the oldest script ever discovered in the Western hemisphere
According to the Times, the discoverers reported that the order and pattern of carved symbols appeared to be that of a true writing system and that it had characteristics strikingly similar to imagery of the Olmec civilization, considered the earliest in the Americas.
The report continues… “Now, scholars are tantalized by a message in stone in a script unlike any other and a text they cannot read. They are excited by the prospect of finding more of this writing, and eventually deciphering it, to crack open a window on one of the most enigmatic ancient civilizations.”
I had the opportunity to inspect samples of the writing myself, and I am convinced that the symbols are actually a secret code, which when deciphered, will identify — once and for all — VoIP’s elusive killer app.

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This story reminds me of that joke about the cave writings. If you're not familiar with it, I have it here

I look forward to hearing about your future startup based on your discovery! ;-)

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