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Cloudmark for Anti Spam

As I was sifting through my Inbox this morning, cleaning up the spams and scams, I felt a severe sense of frustration. No matter what solutions we employ, the spammers and scammers are always one step ahead. They figure out how to bypass any filtering system.

I recently met with Vipul Ved Prakash, founder and chief scientist at Cloudmark, a provider of real-time anti-messaging abuse security solutions. Prakash shared some industry statistics regarding spam, telling me that 53% of all filtered messages at one of Cloudmarks RBOC customers turned out to be spam, representing a full 22% of their network mail storage.

The company has introduced a new anti-virus fingerprinting algorithm for service providers -- the solution is designed to detect and block e-mail viruses.

Cloudmark's virus detection methodology and zero-hour fingerprinting algorithm deliver speed. The new zero-hour executable fingerprinting algorithm disassembles executable code to generate fingerprints that identify new worms and virus stains in real time. The algorithm automates the response process by which suspect e-mails are evaluated and reported by highly credible reviewers worldwide in all languages. Prakash told me that Cloudmark’s worldwide network of “honeypots” and proven reporters nip virus attacks in the bud, identifying malicious messages, and preventing their spread.

In February, the Cloudmark network detected and began shutting down the much publicized Kama Sutra virus in less than 20 minutes after its first appearance in the Cloudmark network.

For more information, check out the Cloudmark Web site.


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Cloudmark has a remarkable tool if it does what this artcile says. To combat viruses from a real-time perspective reminds me of the real-time service offered by Cisco for its routing equipment.

Real-time blocking is the only way to stop viruses and spam, and until more systems work this way, viruses and spam will continue to be a problem.

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