Death of the All You Can Eat Internet (continued)

January 22, 2008
Last week I posted an entry about Time Warner’s plans to implement a usage-based billing model with a test run set for Beaumont TX.
Well, here’s some more information on that subject.
Kudos to Slashdot for pointing out an An Ars Technica article that says that:
“…after many years of stagnation, the U.S. broadband landscape is finally 'primed for change.’”
The article argues that cable and DSL — while they currently enjoy near monopoly status — are not going to be the only game in town for long, with widespread WiMAX deployments imminent and the so called white-space broadband that can be offered by whoever wins the 700 MHz auction. This doesn’t take into account Verizon’s FiOS offering as well as AT&T’s U-Verse.
The Ars Technica piece states that if these
“…solutions are able to deliver on their promises of high speeds with no usage limits, capped cable broadband service like Time Warner has planned is likely to be unattractive, to say the least.
It’s a sobering reminder to the Cable and DSL providers that they should be investing in new technologies and new methods of capturing new customers and serving existing ones.
Stay tuned, I’m sure this story has legs…

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