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Rich on Freedom to Connect

February 24, 2009

Rich has a post about the upcoming Freedom to Connect conference being held in Washington, D.C. March 30 & 31, 2009.   There's even an offer for a discounted entry fee, but you'll have to read Rich's blog for that nugget.   Here's a marketing blurb on the show:   F2C 2009 will tell the story of: ·         on-line, network-enabled industry and culture, new jobs and sustainable growth ·         Burlington VT, where muni fiber enables business, artistic endeavor, and new telemedicine ·         how Lafayette LA's community came together as it built its muni fiber network ·         the twin cities of Cedar Falls and Waterloo, Iowa, where one twin has a muni net, and the other doesn't ·         how municipal CIOs are planning for Seattle, Portland and San Francisco municipal fiber networks ·         city nets, wired and wireless, that didn't work -- what went wrong and what that teaches ·         what Obama's infrastructure and economic recovery plans mean for tomorrow's network ·         and more ...  

tw telecom's Herda Calls for National Business Broadband Policy

March 3, 2009

tw telecom Chairman, CEO and President, Larissa Herda, delivered a keynote at Comptel this evening, calling on the industry to engage Congress and the FCC in establishing a national Broadband Policy for Businesses that will spur innovation for enterprises and create jobs in what she termed, the New Broadband Economy.

Just hours before Herda's presentation, President Obama ended months of sepculation, and announced that he has nominated Julius Genachowski to head the Federal Communications Commission.   Herda urged the competitive carriers in attendance to fight for a national business broadband policy that includes three critical points -- effective regulation of Special Access, including Ethernet services, and UNE last-mile facilities; interconnection for IP voice and data services; and a reform or elimination of the forbearance process.   She noted that 2009 has been quite a year so far, with a new administration, a crazy market, and many challenges, but there is hope.   Herda described the industry as facing uncertainty, with treacherous market conditions, and sleepless nights, the likes of which many had never experienced before.   She told the audience that we need wisdom from government as well as business leaders, to navigate these treacherous waters.   "As an industry, we are at a cross roads," Herda said, "we face new challenges, and a long road lies ahead of us."   She got a good response from the assembled group when she likened the past decade to a popular reality television show. "The past eight years has been Survivor FCC, but with no immunity on the island," she said.   Herda called on government regulators to treat everyone fairly. "There cannot be one set of rules for only the most powerful and a different set of rules for everyone else," she said.   "We can continue down the same paths, permitting consolidation and deregulation to limit competition and forestall innovation," Herda said, "or we can unleash the power of competition for the good of the entire U.S. economy"   "We must enable the enterprise with technological solutions that will propel and accelerate growth," she said.   In the end it's about the customer.

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