Quintum/NET and Microsoft Connect at ITEXPO

I just left Microsoft's meeting room at ITEXPO, where executives from Quintum/NET and Microsoft's Response Point team shared the news (and showed off the hardware) that Quintum/NET has developed two new gateways designed specifically for Microsoft Response Point systems: a VoIP T1/E1/PRI version and a four-port FXS.
The gateways are designed to work with Response Point systems from all of the solution OEMs (Aastra, Syspine, and D-Link)
The gateways have been designed and are currently undergoing beta testing. General availability is expected in mid-October.
The pricing is as such: the four-port is listed at $330; the T1/E1/PRI is $1,800.
For more details, check out Michael Dinan's full coverage.
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