So Long '05. Hello Opportunity!

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So Long '05. Hello Opportunity!

It’s hard to believe 2005 is almost a memory. Rather than come up with a list of predictions that will most likely come true (if I guess conservatively) or most likely will never come to fruition (if I take some genuine chances) I’d rather wish the readers of my blog a safe, healthy, and happy new year!

Next year will be a busy one here at TMC. As has already been well documented, we are in the process of launching two brand-new magazines (SIP magazine and IMS magazine) in addition to publishing our flagship Internet Telephony.

2006 will also find me on the road a lot more, starting with a trip to Ft. Lauderdale for the annual Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO East (January 24–27, 2006). This year, our show is the first VoIP industry event of the season and for that reason (and many other reasons too!) we’re expecting a really exciting show jammed with innovative product launches and industry news.

The upcoming year also promises to be a banner year for our online offerings as well. Without delving too much into the details, I expect our online content offering to expand as we devote ever more resources to serving our over 700,000 monthly visitors and continue to give them a reason to keep coming back. We’re working hard to be the industry’s number one resource, and I hope we’re succeeding.

While it looks to be a really busy year ahead, it also appears that it will be a period positively overflowing with opportunity. Here’s hoping that 2006 is shaping up to be a prosperous and joyful year for all of you.


I wish you peace.


In print, in person and online, I look forward to seeing you in 2006!


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The biggest SIP News and SIP Player in 2006 will be Damaka, I think.

Check out this coool SIP based collobaration product from Damaka ( They recently released SIP based Peer to Peer Video and Custom Picture last week.

Using a PC, Damaka ( does Audio calls, Audio CONFERENCE (nobody in the industry does P2P conference), Instant Message, SMS, Video Sessions, Voice Mail (nobody in the industry does this either), Custom Pictures, and Encrypted Signaling and Media and they do all this truly Peer to Peer (P2P) without any need of any servers in the middle to store your voice mails or pictures or to support audio or video conferneces.

I think they have an industry changing product here because NO ONE in the telephony industry can do what they can without any need of servers in the middle, not even Skype. I think their product will get rid of the server scalability problem completely so, no servers in the middle are needed to support conference, no servers in the middle are needed to store voice mails, no servers are needed to store anything. Think of how much a company like Yahoo or MSN can save by eliminating all the servers in the middle and let just the end users communicate directly peer to peer.

Check it out.

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