Verizon VoIP Service Takes Wing

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Verizon VoIP Service Takes Wing

Hmm.... this VoIP stuff we've been talking about since '97? Looks like people are finally starting to listen. It was only a matter of time. Today Verizon launches its brand-new broadband voice service called VoiceWing.

I'm thrilled to see the continued growth of VoIP and the entry of major service providers into this space. When we started this magazine, I would bring copies home to show my family what I was working on. For the most part, they would comment on the yellow cover and then would check to see if my name really was on the masthead. Now they engage me in debates over the relative merits of Vonage versus AT&T. I guess I can expect questions about Verizon's VoiceWing service next time we gather around the dinner table.

For as low as $29.95/month (promotional price) Verizon offers unlimited Local and Domestic Long Distance Calls anywhere in the 50 States and Canada as well as a bundle of features that is fast becoming the standard "table stakes" for broadband VoIP offerings. I'm talking call waiting, caller ID, and voice mail, as well as click-to-dial, the ability to check your voice mail online, choice of area code and more. VoiceWing is offered nationwide -- anyone in the U.S. can subscribe to the service, however Verizon is currently offering phone numbers only in certain area codes for now.

One point that is laudable: Verizon is not demanding that you be a DSL customer of theirs in order to take advantage of this service, VoiceWing is available to anyone with a broadband connection (cable or DSL).

Verizon is being up-front about their inability to offer full E911 coverage and addresses this point right from the start, warning users that if the power fails -- there goes your ability to dial 911. The FAQ on their Web site even warns "You Must Maintain An Alternate Means of Requesting Emergency Services." However there is some limited emergency response functionality with the VoiceWing service.

It's really amazing to me that VoIP is now conisdered mainstream. When AT&T decides it will no longer pursue consumers, save for with their VoIP service, that tells you something about the status of this once fledgling technology. It's here. It's real. And with industry giants like Verizon entering the fray, we can say with some certainty it's here to stay.

Feedback for Verizon VoIP Service Takes Wing


I'd like options and pricing for a VOIP implementation. I can be reached on 703-964-7180 during the day.

Hi Greg,

Its hard not to agree with your basic assessment of the inevitable uncertainty in the industry. I am currently writing a short paper on VOIP for an MBA class. One of my concerns/interests is/are whether there exist first-mover advantages for the VONAGES and Other non-broadbaband providers.

Is not the entire movement of a unified digital format underway and voice will simply be a cheapo add-on that comes when you buy something else?


What amount of Pressure can a broadband provider, DSL/Cable modem - Verizon, Comcast, etc. possibly APPLY on the Vonages?

At what point is verizon going to have to simply unbundle their regular circuit switched analog phone service and just sell DSL and voice wing? Is this happening now?

Or, Will such widespread access be available through wireless access that the existing Telecoms will simply not be able to differentiate their position; lose their unique strong 'already providin' the data to and fro' advantage?

Lots of questions, would love any response...Paul

I regret the day I ever signed up for Verizon Voice Wing
It took them two months to realize that they didn't give me two IP addresses one for my DSL and one for my Phone, consequently I kept getting disconnected from my phone calls

Within the last 6 days this is the second time I'm without dial tone. The secondary back up number that's supposed to take calls when your Voice Wing phone is out, doesn't work.

If I had Cable Internet I would have signed up with Vonage, I hear they're much better.

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