Will February See Launch of Google Phone v1?

December 27, 2007
Rumors are swirling that phones based on Google’s Android platform might see the light of day as soon as February 2008.
And no, it’s not because my birthday falls in that month. You see there’s this little trade show called Mobile World Congress that takes place in Barcelona the second week in February and Google has booked a fair amount of square footage at the event, reserving two hospitality spaces (1 business, 1 standard).
APC Magazine does a great job reporting on this possibility, with pointers to a Gizmodo snapshot of one of the “rumored prototype phones circulating around the Googleplex.”
The article also directs readers to a demo of the new development platform posted on YouTube’s Android Developer Channel.
To quote the Counting Crows, perhaps February will be a great time to “catch a plane to Barcelona? I may take a (working) holiday in Spain…”
All in the name of Google’s mobile plans, of course…

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