Month: December 2005

Legal p2p File Sharing in France

Is France becoming the most tech savvy country of the west? Perhaps not but France’s lower house has agreed to
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VoIP Plan To Purchase

One of the exhibitors at the last Internet Telephony Conference & Expo in Los Angeles took a survey of people
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A Very Cisco Christmas

Click Play below for a very funny Cisco Christmas video that the geek in you is certain to enjoy.
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According to this article had an outage yesterday. The company today confirmed that there were interruptions in system availability
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Unimax just announced 31% annual growth over year over year. The company has been a staple of the telecom market
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Here is an interesting article on Ensim from the Economic Times. The era of huge cash infusions for VoIP companies
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Airline Travel in New York Improves

If you commute into New York this week you are likely doing lots of walking. In fact commute is a
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Reserve Your Room At ITEXPO

Please please please reserve your room at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo immediately if you plan on coming down to
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VoIP Central Round Up

Check Out VoIP Central’s round-up for the year. There are some good stories being linked to from this site.
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Information Technology

Today TMC announced an information technology portal. We have been working on this site for months and it is expected
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