Month: February 2006

Hedge Funds on Vonage

Being that Norwalk, CT where TMC is based is so close to Greenwich, CT the hedge fund capital of the
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Hammacher Does VoIP

There comes a time in the life of any technology where you can say it has truly reached mainstream. Perhaps
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The February issue of Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine will see me write about the outages at and even my
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Iotum Wins

I wrote about Iotum a while back and was impressed with what they do. They have now won the Demo
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Oracle Open-Source

Om Malik points out that Oracle may have a killer open-source strategy. Open source is gaining momentum but until properly
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Web 2.0 Applications

Perhaps one of the most useful AJAX applications I have seen is the ability to have stock prices update in
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Blogs, Conflict of Interest and Disclosure

For a few years there have been complaints by many in the media that bloggers are being paid by companies
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Blackberry Workaround

This is great news for everyone that depends on Blackberries to be productive as well as those people concerned about
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San Jose Mercury News

One of my favorite newspapers had a brief mention of me and Internet Telephony Conference & Expo this morning. The
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Vonage IPO

Vonage IPOVonage needs more cash… Lots more. It seems they have gone to many VCs for more and didn’t get
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