Day: March 16, 2008

Avaya’s Huge Unified Communications Push

Avaya has certainly made unified communications history today with a suite of announcements that will certainly rattle the competitive landscape.
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IBM’s Big Unified Communications News

Recently I spent a good number of hours at the sprawling Somers, NY campus of IBM where the company announced
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Will Backing up Music Soon Be Illegal?

Some of you may remember that was a dot-com era company allowing people to upload CDs they owned and
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Hot News: Ixia, VPI, Wyde Voice, Google, Spirent, Sangoma, LifeSize, Aculab and more

I try not to play favorites with the news and instead of giving you my picks of the week, I
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Solar Keychain

I wonder if the future of conservation will include a strong focus on charging devices on our own. There are
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Russell Shaw and Frank Macari will be Missed

This morning I woke to horrible news as I just learned Russell Shaw has passed away. Apparently he died in
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