Day: January 18, 2013

Tactus: The Huge Smartphone Advance You Don’t Know About

Ever hear of Tactus? The company develops an ultrathin membrane that sits over the display of any touchscreen device that
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Be at the SDN Workshop at ITEXPO

One of the most important trends in networking and communications is software defined networking or SDN. At your request we
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HTML5 Finally Eating Apple’s Profit

I have discussed for some time how HTML5 will loosen Apple’s grip and decrease the amount of revenue the company
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StartUpCamp 7 at ITEXPO Miami has Heavy Hitters

StartUpCamp 7 at ITEXPO in just over a week will not only have past Apple CEO John Sculley as a
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Miss America to Drive Fitness App Adoption

Remember yesterday when senior editor here at TMC Peter Bernstein said fitness apps would be a fad? Well he may
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