Day: September 12, 2013

SPEECHPRO’s Multifactor Biometric Engine Doubles Reliability

Now that Apple has decided to jump into the biometrics space with Touch ID, we can expect the idea of
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AVG Helps Manage Facebook Privacy

AVG Crowdcontrol is designed to make Facebook experiences safer by customizing who can view a status, videos and photos posted
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Spoof Video Mocks WWIII Start

If you are in a mood to laugh in regards to President Obama supporters pushing the bombing of Syria –
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Whoops: There is an iPhone 5s Fingerprint Hack

Biometric technology is amazing because when it is working perfectly it really is one of the best ways to ensure
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GENBAND Buys Fring to Make Carriers Sexy

Carriers are scrambling right now as they see OTT services such as Skype and WhatsApp eating into their revenues. In
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