AT&T Wireless Service Improves

As many of you know I carried two devices, a Verizon-based HTC XV6800 and an iPhone. I felt I needed both as the HTC phone was great for making calls and had a keyboard which was handy for long e-mails and blog entries. Cut-and-paste was also something the XV6800 and virtually all devices besides the iPhone had and on more than one occasion this feature was critical in getting a business deal done quickly.

But now that the iPhone has a landscape keyboard and can handle cut-and-paste, I let my two-year Verizon contract lapse and use my iPhone as a phone. The downside of course is I am using my iPhone as a phone. The voice quality has challenges for sure and my calls get cut off in Connecticut fairly often.

But the good news is TechCrunch says AT&T is making a conscious effort to improve its service and in my opinion it has its work cut out for it. My hope is they move rapidly and continue the improvements because Verizon Wireless is so far ahead. At some point if Verizon gets a killer device, perhaps even the iPhone or some other Apple gadget, AT&T Mobility will be in some serious trouble if its network isn’t up to snuff.

One of the reasons I can’t wait for the 4G Wireless Evolution event in a few weeks in Los Angeles is because I am fascinated by what is ahead in this space. They say you can never be too rich or thin and I would add you can never have enough bandwidth. The (r)evolution to 4G will be very exciting for carriers, device manufacturers, developers and most of all the businesses and consumers consuming massive amounts of content over these ever-faster wireless pipes.

And this my dear readers will make the world a happy place.


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