Broadband Stimulus Community Launched

A big theme at last week’s ITEXPO was broadband stimulus and a number of people told me they have bookmarked and are using the new Broadband Stimulus GOC (Global Online Community) on TMCnet as their home page so they can keep up with the exciting developments in the space and the billions of dollars which will be distributed.

Here are some of the recent articles from the site if you haven’t visited yet. Be sure to check out the community for yourself. These are certainly exciting times for the broadband market – indeed, any time the government gives billions of dollars in subsidies it is an exciting time – in any market. 🙂

TIA Calls for Flexibility in Setting National Broadband Policies
The Telecommunications Industry Association argues in a letter to the Federal Communications Commission that a tiered approach to setting broadband objectives, differentiating between wireless and wireline networks, is required in the setting of national broadband policies.
Faster Broadband Not a Catalyst for Increased Web TV Use?
Contrary to conventional wisdom, faster broadband availability does not automatically lead to a change in consumer behavior such as a shift to more viewing of online video, a new study by Deloitte/YouGov finds.
Frontier Seeks $55 Million in Broadband Stimulus for West Virginia
Frontier Communications, now in the process of acquiring Verizon Communications operations in West Virginia, appears to have applied for broadband stimulus grants to support its trunking capabilities in West Virginia.
Calix Raises $100 million in Financing, Adds New Members to Board
Calix, a communications equipment supplier focused solely on access solutions for broadband service delivery, announced that it has raised $100 million in financing and added three new members to its board of directors.
Deltacom Applies for Federal Stimulus Grant
DeltaCom, Inc., a provider of integrated communications services in the southeastern United States, has reportedly applied for federal stimulus funding to expand its broadband network access under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act through the Broadband Technology Opportunity Program.
Broadband Stimulus and Vertical Markets
There’s been lots of buzz around the Broadband Stimulus Package’s impact and how billions might be spent on telecommunications.
S.773 Allows Temporary Government Takeover of the Internet
The latest draft of a proposed Senate bill S.773, the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 will allow the president to temporarily take control of the public Internet in the case of a cybersecurity emergency.
California Energy Commission Awards $8 Million to eTec
The California Energy Commission has awarded about $8 million to Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation (eTec) to support the deployment of charge infrastructure and electric vehicles (EVs) in the San Diego region.

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