Cbeyond, Backhaul and 4G RAN News

It’s been a busy morning with meetings and I literally have 100 items I want to write about and wish I had more time. Its really days like this with the influx of really interesting news that I love my job more than ever. Sure, I can assign articles to my team, but it is always better to comment on them myself – at least the control freak in me thinks so. 🙂

Here are a few items I’d like to share:


  • Cbeyond has gone from a hosted voice and data provider to an IT provider to a cellular provider as evidenced by the HTC Hero – the new addition to their BeyondMobile service.
  • Compact base stations are becoming common in the RAN (radio access network) world. As more devices suck up more wireless bandwidth, you need more base stations which are more capacity oriented and function to fill in the gaps in carrier 3G and 4G networks.
  • Wireless backhaul relies more on satellite than ever. This is to be expected as backhaul is a massive market and every time you use 3G to send and receive massive amounts of data, you need to ensure there is backhaul capacity to handle it all.

I hope to have time to cover more news this afternoon but alas I have a column due for TMC’s Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine which will take some time from the day.

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