Comunicano: Your Influencer Relations Company

Many of you in the communications and technology spaces already know Andy Abramson as he is a well-known and influential blogger. But what you may not realize about Andy’s company Comunicano is it is a major player in the world of influencer relations. By capitalizing on a strategy which Andy describes as the boulevard of communications, his company works with his clients to ensure their news turns into stories which are told and retold throughout the web and other media outlets.


As you can see from the inverted pyramid above, Comunicano segments the disparate audiences necessary to push a product along the influencer road to ultimately convince followers to purchase. It all starts with taste makers who influence trendsetters who in turn influence opinion leaders and so on.

Leveraging the combined power of the BAM community which represents bloggers, analysts and media, Andy explains in the video below how the goal is to get a product and/or company to have its buzz-level heated up as if it was in a pressure cooker of influence. As more heat is added to the system, an eventual rapid boil of influence takes place for the client.

In the old days a PR firm handled just public relations which meant cranking out press releases and scheduling meetings and trying to convince editors to write stories. It is interesting to see today that PR firms who are successful have morphed into new areas such as social media, SEO and content creation. Comunicano has taken these ideas and others and combined them in a way I haven’t seen other firms successfully deploy. Moreover they have morphed themselves into a new segment of the market which didn’t exist. As an added bonus, Andy is so technically savvy; he actually helps his clients do a final test on products and services before they are rolled out. As the PR and marketing world have evolved and continue to do so, the most savvy marketers and CXOs should be paying attention to what this company is doing as Abramson takes the complex concept of influencing people across channels and disciplines and is able to distill it down to a few logical concepts and sound bites which when put into practice are working well for his clients.

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