Google, AT&T, Towerstream, Sonus and Xirrus to Sponsor Regulatory 2.0 Event

Hey coffee addicts – I’ve got a way to get you to kick the habit – try to communicate with an audience of millions the benefits and reasons to attend 14+ simultaneous conferences taking place in two weeks in Miami. smiley-laughing Yep, that’s been my goal lately and thanks for your patience as I do my best to keep you posted on all the exciting things happening at ITEXPO and related events while also keeping you informed on all the non-expo related news and information worth covering.

The latest bit of expo news of interest is sponsors to the Regulatory 2.0 Workshop. Google is the official video streaming sponsor and AT&T, Towerstream, Xirrus and Sonus Networks are some of the other sponsors. We’re very excited about this new summit and can’t wait for it to take place. You will also get to hear from top consultants in the space as well as past ITEXPO/4GWE keynoter Dr. Mohammad Shakouri from Alvarion, Jeff Thompson the President of Towerstream and Scott Snyder from Wharton.

I hope to see you there.

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