How Tech Improves Dentist and Car Dealer Communications

Last week I received an automated text message from my dentist confirming my appointment this week. They requested I confirm as well and I did. Today, I received a call from my car dealer telling me the car told the dealer it needed service. Some M2M device connected to the diagnostic system sent a signal no doubt letting the dealer know to reach out.

Both of these items are first-time experiences for me and they show how the world is evolving and how every vertical market is leveraging M2M and mobile technology to reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction.

Still, there is a long way to go as we have seen cars with collision avoidance systems just starting to come out in the last few years and even cars which drive themselves. The exciting thing for a tech junkie like me is seeing these developments, reporting on them and even better, witnessing how they can save lives.


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