Terry Matthews to Keynote ITEXPO West 2009


Over 70 companies founded by one person in one industry – communications/technology (to be fair he owns hotels and golf courses as well). Over the years, tens of thousands of people were hired because of the vision of Sir Terry Matthews. He is not only a legend in communications and technology he is a legend in business.

Matthews has made his money but has not stopped investing in new companies. In fact he is running at full speed (perhaps flying is a more appropriate term – his corporate jet is among the fastest built) hiring college graduates to look for new opportunities and start companies to fill the voids they uncover. The new hires get equity and are instructed to reach profitability as rapidly as possible – as little as a year in many cases.

There is virtually nothing like a meeting with this man. I called it drinking from a fire hose a few years back. The energy, the passion, and the accent – it is a mix neural sensations which excite, delight and sometimes even perplex. Especially when you start to think how he does it. Where does the energy come from? It seems limitless. And so does the knowledge – he is a true living historical encyclopedia on tech, telecom and entrepreneurship.

Sir Terry Matthews will be keynoting at ITEXPO West 2009 in Los Angeles September 2nd at 2:15 PM. To say hearing him speak is worth the trip would be an understatement. I hope to see you there.

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