TMCnet Adds 40th Blogger, Keeps Growing

TMC has been aggressively adding new bloggers to its arsenal of content which attracts 2-3 million communications and tech decision makers worldwide each month. We are now at blogger number 40 and counting. We are still aggressively recruiting many more and if you can write and have something of value to contribute and want the most exposure you can get, drop Greg Galitzine (ggalitzine at a line ASAP to learn more.

TMC is one of the few media companies – in fact companies of any kind, growing in this market. We are thankful that we have loyal readers, sponsors and customers who see the value of working with TMC in good times and bad.

In fact we are expanding rapidly into many new product areas and many of the products you have seen successfully deployed on TMCnet such as channels and GOCs (Global Online Communities) – what we believe to be the largest collections of sponsored communities on the internet (about 110-120, sponsors each month), will soon be rolled out beyond the communications space.

If you are a salesperson or publisher’s representative firm looking to sell products which have high demand regardless of the economy, drop Dave Rodriguez (drodriguez at a line ASAP. Please forward this to any good salespeople you know.

Here is an excerpt from a rough draft of the press release we will post soon:

TMCnet Adds 40th Blogger to Its Blog Community

Norwalk, CT, (February 23, 2009) — Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC®), today announced the addition of four new blogs to their popular Web site, TMCnet, now boasting a community of 40blogs covering the gamut of topics in telecom, VoIP, contact centers, wireless, unified communications, open source and others.  Readers of TMCnet’s communications and technology blogs account for 35 percent of the nearly two million monthly visitors.

TMCnet’s recently added blogs include Open Communications, IP Communication Design, Contact Center Strategies and Oh Say Do UC.

Open Communications by Paul McMillan, director UC strategy, Siemens Enterprise Communications, will be discussing the topic of Open Communications,particularly for enterprise, while delving into other areas of interest including what lies ahead in the industry. 

IP Communications Design by Kim Devlin-Allen, director of product management for Texas Instruments’ (TI) CPE VOP business, will analyze voice in the consumer and enterprise market. From HD voice to VoIP and IP communications, Devlin-Allen talks about everything from “the next coolest gadget” to solving the design challenges of tomorrow’s ever changing voice ecosystem.

Contact Center Strategies by Chris McGugan, vice president of marketing for the Contact Center Solutions group at Avaya,.will be focusing on how technology is evolving in the core of the communication systems and how that transformation is delivering on a new call center architecture.  

Oh Say Do UC by Clinton Fitch, Unified Communications product manager for Spanlink Communications, examines unified communications technology, trends and observations with real-world examples.  Plus insights on how to make UC decisions both now and in the future.  

“Expanding the roster of quality bloggers serves TMCnet’s commitment to deliver the most comprehensive portal filled with quality content for the communications and technology sector.  Thanks again to our panel of experts that comprise our blogosphere and to the 2 to 3 million visitors who support TMC blogs and TMCnet every month,” said Rich Tehrani, TMC president, group publisher and editor-in-chief.  “Feel free to visit our blogs and post your comments.”

TMCnet’s distinguished bloggers also includes TMC President Rich Tehrani, TMC Labs founder Tom Keating, TMCnet Editorial Director Greg Galitzine, plus David Byrd’s SIP and Serve by a Foodie, Peter Radizeski’s On Rad’s Radar and Tony Rybczynski’s The Hyperconnected Enterprise.

TMCnet’s Blog Community is continually evolving to offer a higher-quality user experience.  Visitors to the TMCnet blogosphere can now sign-in using their social networking account, via Facebook, VOX or Movable Type, allowing them to post comments which will include their profile photo. Additionally, new technology deployed enables blogs to auto-populate with images pulled from related articles.

  • ben
    August 23, 2009 at 3:52 pm

    I guess I am going to apply for one too.

  • Noureen
    September 2, 2009 at 10:30 pm

    I never can blog, it is like writing a book, but every page or two are different. Whos keep tracking of that.

  • Joshan
    September 5, 2009 at 6:32 pm

    I can’t either. Don’t feel bad. If I become a blogger, then it must be a line or two for me. No more. ADD child you know.

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